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Two PhD Students Receive Prestigious Awards

Kaj Sullivan, PhD student
Neil Fernandes, PhD student

Congratulations to PhD students, Kaj Sullivan and Neil Fernandes, who have both been awarded the 2018 Hugh C. Morris Experiential Learning Fellowship from the Kimberley Foundation. The fellowship is valued from $30 to $40k each, and is intended to fund a year long experiential learning program.

Beginning in June 2018, Kaj’s year-long experiential learning journey will provide him with extended periods of time at leading research laboratories in Japan, the United Kingdom and at the National Research Council in Canada. During these visits he will engage in the characterization of nickel isotopic standard, calculate isotope fractionation in biological processes, and research zinc isotopes as biological markers of breast cancer.

And beginning in April 2018, Neil’s near year-long experiential learning journey will take him across 5 continents to learn about some of the world’s most important geological and mineral provinces related to ore deposits hosted in sedimentary rocks. He will be travelling to  Canada, U.S.A., Peru, Brazil, Ireland, Sweden, Namibia and Australia. And whilst he studies the entirety of the global mineral resources chain  – exploration, extraction, processing and remediation – he will showcase innovative Canadian geoscience research from his graduate work through presentations, workshops, community engagements, and seminars in collaboration with 13 mining companies, 8 universities and 5 government geological surveys.

More information about the fellowship can be found on the Kimberley Foundation website.

Congratulations Kaj and Neil!