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Field School

The study of the earth is becoming increasingly more sophisticated, with the application of the latest analytical, geophysical, and mathematical techniques. However, the fundamental object of study remains the earth in all its complexity. As part of a rigorous curriculum, the Department of Geological Science and Geological Engineering believes that direct exposure to rocks in the field is essential if students are to bridge the gap between lecture-hall theory and real-world practice.

In 1994, the Department revised the undergraduate curriculum to include better integration of fieldwork with regular courses, taking advantage of the varied geology in the Kingston area. The field program begins with trips in first-year and continues with an intense field-based lab course in the fall term of second-year. This course is designed to familiarize students with basic geological field methods and prepare them for the Geological Field School held at the end of the second year, in folded metasedimentary and metavolcanic rocks near Sutton, Quebec. 

Third- and fourth-year courses include numerous field trips in the Kingston area, Quebec, and adjacent parts of the United States. In addition to the many day trips, several week long field schools are available to 3rd and 4th year students in the program, including 3rd year sedimentary geology field trips to the US;  a 4th year structures/sedimentary trip to Quebec; and a 4th year GeoEng trip to Timmins, Sudbury. In addition a one-week carbonates field trip travels to Bermuda each year.

The department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering offers Field Trips for the following courses:

  • GEOE/GEOL 221

  • GEOE/GEOL 300

  • GEOE/GEOL 319

  • GEOE/GEOL 321

  • GEOE/GEOL 337 and 368

  • GEOE/GEOL 343

  • GEOE/GEOL 410

  • GEOE/GEOL 465 and 485 (to become GEOE/GEOL 475)

  • GEOE/GEOL 478

  • Fall Field Trip:  GEOE/GEOL 368, GEOE/GEOL 478, GEOE/GEOL 488 and participants from GEOE/GEOL 377 and GEOE/GEOL 418

  • Bermuda Field Seminar for select students who complete GEOE/GEOL 368

  • GEOE 446 and 447

Field Trip Fees

Field trips are a necessary part of geological training and are offered in each year of study because the Department wishes to provide the best education possible.

Part of the cost of transportation will be borne by the student through the payment of a one -time Field Transportation Levy, which is normally collected on admission to second year. In 2012- 2013 this Levy is $300 in Plans containing GEOL 300/3.0 and $200 in all other Plans. For students who are not registered in a Plan offered by the department or who do not pay the Field Transportation Levy, there will be a charge per field trip. In 2012 - 2013 this will be $15 per half day or $30 for a full-day trip. Students are required to possess basic safety equipment such as a hard hat, safety glasses and appropriate footwear, and to have reviewed and signed the Departmental Field Safety Form.

The cost of accommodation and food, while on field trips or at field schools, will be borne by the student. Subsidies will be provided by the Department when funding permits.

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