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Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering

Field Trip Fees

The cost of field trip fees, including transportation, accommodation and food (when it is supplied), will be borne by the student.

Subsidies are provided by the Department as funding permits. We are very appreciative of the support provided by many companies and alumni for our Field Education program. This funding helps to reduce the field trip fees to below cost, for all students. Find out more about the Geological Field Studies Fund.

A list of the estimated field trip fees for each course is provided below. These fees are subject to change, and will be finalized by August 1 each year. Field trip fees will be payable by the due dates listed in the table.

2019 - 2020 Geological Sciences & Geological Engineering Trips

Course Cost for Trip Due 
GEOL 221/3.0
GEOE 221/4.0
$75.00 Due Fall, Week 3
GEOE 281
$25.00 Due Fall, Week 3
GEOL 300/3.0
GEOE 300/5.0
$350.00 Half Due Winter, Week 2 
Half Due Winter, Week 10
GEOL 301/1.5
GEOE 301
$350.00 Due Fall, Week 3
GEOL 321/3.0
GEOE 321/4.0
$25.00/day Due Fall, Week 3
GEOL 337/3.0 
GEOE 337/4.0
$25.00/day Due Fall, Week 3
GEOL 343/3.0
GEOE 343/3.75
$25.00/day TBD
GEOL 368/3.0
GEOE 368/4.5
$25.00/day TBD
GEOL 401/1.5
GEOE 401
$350.00 TBD
GEOE 410
$350.00 Due Fall, Week 3
GEOE 413 $25.00 TBD
GEOL 419/3.0
GEOE 419/4.0
$800.00 Undergraduate
$1200.00 Graduate
Half Due Winter, Week 14
Half Due August 1
Bermuda ~$1550.00 TBD


Field Equipment Requirements

Equipment can now be paid for online at the Geological Engineering online store.

Or fill out and print the field equipment requisition form, and bring it to the Geology main office (Bruce 240).