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Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering

International Education

There are numerous opportunities for international engagement at Queen's University.

Queen's has exchange agreements with over 200 universities in more than 40 countries and funding and scholarships available to students going abroad.

The opportunity to study or even work abroad while completing your undergraduate degree offers many advantages for students. As a geology or geological engineering student, going abroad allows you to see first-hand the geology of a different continent/country/region. It also allows you to gain a fresh perspective and a competitive edge in the job market amongst other things.

For information and advice on fitting an exchange or study-abroad term and specific courses into your program, consult the Undergraduate Coordinator: Dr. Ron Peterson for GeoSci, and Dr. Vicki Remenda for GeoEng. Contact them through Larke Zarichny in the Departmental office (B240).