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Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering

Visiting Speakers

Please refer to the list of upcoming speakers to see what dates talks will be held.

Upcoming Speakers

Rob Bowell - SRK Consulting

Thurs., March 9th

9:30 am Bruce 352: “Environmental assessment of copper projects

11:30 am Miller 105: “Close relationship between Elephants, Bat Guango and Zeolites


Thomas Dececchi - Queen's University
Date TBD


Past Speakers

Philippa Huntsman-Mapila - Natural Resources Canada
*Change to location: Tues., Feb 28th 11:30 am Bruce 352


John Weissenberger - ATW Associates, CSPG Lecture Tour
Wed., March 1st 12:30 pm Bruce 352




Departmental Coordinator of Visiting Speakers

Lorna Dumond