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Queen's University

GRMN 311*

German Culture and Language through through 20th Century Literature

PREREQUISITE GRMN 202* or equivalent.

Course Content and Objectives
An introduction to reading, discussing, and writing about German literary texts in German. Major periods, authors, and texts of the 20th century will be examined in their cultural and historical contexts. Students are exposed to different genres: novels, plays, short stories, poems, etc..

Since the enrolment is expected to be quite small, we can afford to be flexible about texts, basing our choices on the interests of the class. Photocopies will be distributed during the term, for which students will be required to pay a $10 charge


 Item  Description  Weight
Attendance for Classes and Tutorials Attendance is mandatory. Unexcused absences in excess of three classes per term will result in a penalty to your final grade mark (1% for every unexcused absence). You are expected to come prepared in order to take part in class discussion.  
Homework for Classes and Tutorials You will be required to write a weekly summary in German of the texts we are discussing  10%
Oral Presentation 15 min. presentation on a text of your choice from the texts discussed. Please do not read but practice oral delivery from notes. You will be marked on content and delivery. It is suggested that you use this exercise as a dry run for your term paper.  10%
Midterm The midterm will be on Thursday 28 October. It will be based on a close knowledge of the texts we have read up till then  20%
Essay (1000 words): A 1000 word essay in German (double spaced and 12pts). You must use at least one secondary source to research your paper.
The essay is due 6 December
 Final Exam The exam will cover all the texts discussed during the term. The exam will take place during the exam period and will last 2 hours  40%

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