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Queen's University

GRMN 431*

"Krise" und Kunst: Imagining German Modernities

Scream Munch

This course explores the topic of "crisis" in several different modernist movements between 1890 and 1933. Students will become familiar with a wide variety of texts and genres including prose, poetry, drama and visual arts from turn-of-the-century Vienna to Weimar Germany. In the course of the semester, you will gather the building blocks for future study in the fields of German literature and cultural studies: literary and cultural analysis, skills in written and oral communication.

A portion of the seminar will be devoted to developing specific skills for working with poetic texts, including analysis, translation, and memorization. The object is to help students gain confidence in their ability to treat short but challenging pieces in German.

Course Reader may be purchased at the UPS Store at 427 Princess St. at Division (across from Shopper's Drugmart) 549-4224 (call 24 h ahead). The following texts can be purchased at the campus bookstore:

Hofmannsthal Gedichte
Arthur Schnitzler Liebelei
Rilke Gedichte
Kafka Ein Landarzt
Thomas Mann Der Tod in Venedig
Lasker-Schüler Gedichte


Participation and attendance 15%
Oral Presentation 10%
Tutorials x 6 10%
Translations x 2 10%
Poetry Recitation 5%
Presentation of Term Paper 10%
Term Paper 20%
Take-home Exam 20%


1.1 Einführung
1.2 Geschichtlicher Hintergrund

Philosophie und Krise
2.1 Friedrich Nietzsche "Zarathustras Vorrede"
2.2 Friedrich Nietzsche "Zarathustras Vorrede" (1885)
Tutorium 1
3.1 Sigmund Freud "Analyse des Traumes von Irmas Injektion" (1900)

3.2 Hofmannsthal ausgewählte Gedichte (1890-1895)
4.1 Hofmannsthal ausgewählte Gedichte
Tutorium 2

4.2 Liebelei (1895) [Übersetzung #1]
5.1 Liebelei
5.2 Liebelei

6.1 Rainer Maria Rilke ausgewählte Gedichte (1902-1922)
6.2 Rainer Maria Rilke ausgewählte Gedichte
Tutorium 3

7.1 Gedichtsrezitierung

(1912) [Übersetzung #2]

7.2 Thomas Mann Der Tod in Venedig
8.1 Thomas Mann Der Tod in Venedig
8.2 Thomas Mann Der Tod in Venedig

Psychische Krise

9.1 Franz Kafka "Vor dem Gesetz" (1915)
9.2 Franz Kafka "Ein Landarzt" (1917)
10.1 Franz Kafka "Ein altes Blatt" (1919)
Tutorium 5

10.2 Aufsatzvorträge

Politische Krise
11.1 Else Lasker-Schüler Gedichte (1907-1943)
11.2 Franz Marc Kunst und Expression (1911-1916)
Tutorium 6

Frauen, Krieg und Krise
12.1 Rosa Luxemburg ausgewählte Briefe (1913-1919)
12.2 Käthe Kollwitz Kunst und Politik (1903-1943) [Aufsatz fällig; Prüfung verteilt]

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