Adjunct Faculty

Adjuncts in Gender Studies

Arig al Shaibah

Arig al Shaibah will be teaching GNDS 315/3.0, Feminist Pedagogies, in Winter 2015. GNDS 315 Syllabus al Shaibah

Tabasum Akseer

Tabasum Akseer will be teaching GNDS 401/6.0, Debates on Feminism and Islam in the 2015 Winter term. GNDS 401 Winter 2015 Akseer

Johanna Amos Johanna Amos will be teaching GNDS 352/3.0, Gender, Cloth and Globalization in the Winter 2015 term. GNDS 352 Syllabus Amos

Burcu Baba

Burcu Baba will be teaching GNDS 375/3.0, Queer/Race Studies in the Winter 2015 term. GNDS 375 Syllabus Baba

Nancy Butler

Nancy Butler will be teaching GNDS 345/3.0, Research Methods in Gender Studies in Fall 2014  GNDS 345 Fall 2014 Butler
Farah Deeba Chowdhury Farah Deeba Chowdhury will be teaching GNDS 330/3.0, Gender and the Global South in Fall 2014. GNDS 330 Fall 2014 Chowdhury
Cameron Greensmith Cameron Greensmith will be teaching our new 200 level GNDS 280/3.0 Special Topics course: Critical Approaches to Solidarity and Alliance Work in Winter 2015. GNDS 280 Winter 2015 Greensmith

Melissa Houghtaling

Melissa Houghtaling is GNDS 125 online in the Fall of 2014 through Continuing and Distance Studies and will be teaching GNDS 215/3.0: Introduction to Sexual and Gender Diversity in Winter 2015. GNDS 125 online Fall 2014 Syllabus Houghtaling   GNDS 215 Winter 2015 Syllabus Houghtaling

A.W. Lee A.W. Lee will be teaching GNDS 360, Masculinities: Cross Cultural Perspectives in Fall 2014 GNDS 360 Fall 2014 A.W. Lee
Maya Stitski Maya Stitski is teaching GNDS 350, Feminism, the Body and Visual Culture in the Fall of 2014 GNDS 350 Fall 2014 Stitski
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