Beverley Baines Award for Outstanding Service

2014 Winner Michelle Tam

Beverley Baines Award for Outstanding Service

The Beverley Baines Award for Outstanding Service in Gender, Women's and Feminist Studies will reflect Professor Baines' steadfast commitment to expanding and enhancing the Department of Gender Studies and the meaningful committee work required to support a complex feminist vision at Queen's University. The award will be presented annually to an undergraduate or graduate student who has shown exceptional and notable service in the Department of Gender Studies. The areas of service recognized include, but are not limited to: contributions to the Gender Studies Department Student Council (DSC), Gender Studies Committee Work, and/or Feminist Activist service on or off campus.

Nominees must:

a) be a Gender Studies major, medial or minor or MA Graduate Student.

b) have not received the award previously


Anyone may nominate the candidate (faculty, staff, students, service agencies); self nominations are accepted.

Supporting materials to be assembled by the nominator and must include: a nominating letter and a short overview (about 200-300 words) of the nominee's service work.

All nominations for the Beverley Baines Service award must be forwarded to c/o Kathy Baer (

The collected nominations will be read and assessed by the Service Award Adjudicating Committee, consisting of two members of the DSC, who are exempt from receiving the award, and the Undergraduate Chair of Gender Studies. The Service Award Adjudicating Committee will collectively vote on and decide the award recipient. The award will be presented annually at the Gender Studies Colloquium.

Deadline: the deadline for nominations is March 15 annually.

2012 Winner Sarah Jacobs

2013 Winner Yasmine Djerbal