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Draft version of 2015-16 Gender Studies courses including Options - here. To see syllabi for GNDS courses below, click on course name.

Fall Cross Listed Options: ARTH 310, BIOL 369, ENGL 277, LLCU 328, HIST 446, POLS 280, POLS 352, SPAN 428

Winter Cross Listed Options: ARTH 311, DEVS 305, ECON 262, HIST 210, IDIS 302, MECH 333, PHIL 276, PHIL

454, POLS 456, RELS 312, SOCY 389, SOCY 403, SOCY 431

Fall Online Course: ENGL 223/3.0

Fall/Winter Online Course: HIST 280/6.0

Cross Listed Option Courses


Cross-listed courses may not be offered every year. Please check with individual departments for prerequisites and offerings.

Art History

ARTH 310/3.0 Feminism, Art, Art History

BIOL 369/3.0 Biology of Sex

DEVS - Global Development Studies

DEVS 305/6.0 Cuban Culture and Society


DRAM 375/3.0 Women and Theatre 1
DRAM 475/3.05 Women and Theatre II

ECON 262/3.0 Labour Markets and Gender Differences

ENGL 222/3.0 Selected Women Writers I (ENGL 205*)
ENGL 223/3.0 Selected Women Writers II (ENGL 265*)
ENGL 277/3.0 Literature and Gender (ENGL 303)
Environmental Studies

ENSC 321/3.0 Environmental Justice in Global Context
ENSC 420/3.0 Gender and Environments

FILM 331/3.0 Women and Film


FREN 390/3.0 La femme et/dans la littérature

GPHY 352/3.0 Gender and the City

HIST 210/3.0 The History of Sexuality in Canada
HIST 280/6.0 Gender in North American History
HIST 281/3.0 Gender in History: A European Perspective
HIST 446/3.0 Gender, Sexuality and Race in South Asia
HIST 447/3.0 Sex and the History of Medicine
HIST 464/9.0 The History of Sexuality
HIST 465/9.0 Topics in Women’s History

IDIS 302/3.0 ‘Race’ and Racism
International Studies

INTS 321/3.0 Urban Images: Race, Gender, Sexuality and the Imagined City

LAW 516/3.0 Law and Sexuality
LAW 533/3.0 Law, Gender, Equality

LAW 534/3.0 Feminist Jurisprudence (LAW 516 or LAW 533 are prerequisites)

Languages, Literatures and Cultures

LLCU 330/3.0 Cervantes I: Earlier Works

LLCU/331/3.0 Cervantes II: Later Works
Mechanical Engineering

MECH 333/3.0 Gender issues in Engineering and Related Sciences

MUSC 286/3.0 Women, Gender and Music

PHIL 276/3.0 Critical Perspectives on Social Diversity
PHIL 376/3.0 Philosophy and Feminism
PHIL 454/3.0 Topics in Feminist Philosophy
Political Studies

POLS 280/3.0 Introduction to Women, Gender and Politics

POLS 318/3.0 The Canadian Welfare State
POLS 352/3.0 Women and the History of Political Thought
POLS 382/3.0 Women and Politics
POLS 443/3.0 Gender and Globalization
POLS 456/3.0 Theories of Identity Politics
POLS 483/3.0 Justice and Gender
Religious Studies

RELS 236/3.0 Religion and Sex
RELS 259/3.0 Women in Religious Traditions
RELS 312/3.0 Christian Feminist Theology
RELS 332/3.0 The Goddess

SOCY 232/3.0 Sociology of the Canadian Women’s Movement
SOCY 303/3.0 Selected Topics in Feminist Sociology

SOCY 331/6.0 Women and Social Structure
SOCY 384/3.0 Women and Reproductive Technology
SOCY 389/3.0 Gender, Law and Crime
SOCY 403/3.0 Sociology of the Body
SOCY 431/3.0 Advanced Studies in Gender Relations

SPAN 354/3.0 Cultura femenina latinoamericana
SPAN 428/3.0 Gender, Development and Film in Latin America

GNDS 120/3.0 Women, Gender, Difference (2L;1T)


This course explores women, gender, and difference from feminist and anti-racist perspectives. It identifies the ways in which women’s activism, politics, and experiences intersect with other gendered identifications such as race, location, class, (dis)ability, and sexuality. Lectures and texts will introduce feminism, the body, colonialism, gender performance, and strategies of resistance.

EXCLUSION: WMNS 100, WMNS 101*, WMNS 102*   Course is offered online through CDS Winter 2015.

GNDS 125/3.0 Gender, Race and Popular Culture (2L;1T)


Discusses women as producers and consumers of popular culture and explores the relationships between popular culture and sexuality and gender.

EXCLUSION: WMNS 225* .  GNDS 125 Winter 2015 Syllabus Jane Tolmie        Also taught online Summer 2015 - link to CDS 

GNDS 211/3.0 - Feminist Histories (3L)


A study of feminist narratives and gender politics in relationship to women's lives from the 17th century forward with an emphasis upon global histories.

PREREQUISITE: GNDS 120* or GNDS 125* (or WMNS 225*)


GNDS 212/3.0 - Racism, Colonialism, and Resistance (3L)


Decades after the formal decolonization of former colonies, the power relations of the colonial world — and the racism it engendered - remain deeply embedded in the West, and are intrinsic to contemporary relations of globalization. This course explores European colonialism; historical and social constructions of ‘race’; the ongoing occupation of Indigenous peoples’ territories; and contemporary racism.

PREREQUISITE: Second year standing, or permission of the department 


GNDS 215/3.0 - Introduction to Sexual and Gender Diversity (3L)


This course is an introduction to studies in sexuality and gender diversity. It will survey the field and include topics such as historical inquiries into sexuality, contemporary theories on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer identities, sexual movements, human rights, sexual morality, pornography, global sex trade, and queer cultural production. This course is open to all students but required for students enrolled in the Certificate Program in Sexual and Gender Diversity. It is designed to introduce SXGD students to the field and prepare them for selecting future courses.

PREREQUISITE: Second year standing, or permission of the department    GNDS 215 Winter 2015 Syllabus Houghtaling


GNDS 280/3.0 - Special Topics(3L)

This course is offered in Winter 2015 and examines the potentials and risks of solidarity and alliance work. Students consider their own relationships to privilege, complicity, and oppression within solidarity/alliance labour. The course emphasizes critical feminist and gendered perspectives and puts activism in dialogue with gender, race, class, disability, nation, and sexuality. Please see Adjunct Faculty page under People for Cameron Greensmith for the syllabus.

GNDS 311/3.0 - Feminist Thought (3L)


This course examines different forms and critiques of feminism, and major issues in the development of feminist activism and feminist theory, including challenges to the colonial history of Western feminism. Students engage with current debates in feminism, gender and queer theory, and anti-racism.

PREREQUISITE: Third-year standing, or permission of the Department   GNDS 311 Winter 2015 Sarita Srivastava


GNDS 312/3.0 - Black Feminisms (3L)


Studies in black women’s and black gender politics in Canada, the U.S.A., and the Caribbean.

PREREQUISITE: Third-year standing, or permission of the Department 

GNDS 315/3.0 Feminist Pedagogy (3L)


This course looks at teaching and learning, in formal and informal educational settings, from feminist perspectives. Explores difference (race, class, gender, sexuality, ability), social justice and activism, power and empowerment, critique and transformation, experience, and reflexivity. Students will develop their feminist pedagogical values and skills.

PREREQUISITE: Third-year standing, or permission of the Department  GNDS 315 Winter 2015 Syllabus Arig al Shaibah

GNDS 320/3.0 - HIV/AIDS Movements: Histories of Community Health Activism (3L)


Centers historical movements in communities affected by AIDS as sources of unique critical theories of disease, health, power, and social change. Highlights how testimonies, cultural and creative work, and social research in community-based AIDS activism inspire current critical theory in feminist, queer, disability, and critical race studies.

PREREQUISITE: Third year standing, or permission of the Department 

GNDS 321/3.0 - Gendering Opportunities - Women’s Work (3L)


This course offers an interdisciplinary framework of feminist thought on women, work and employment opportunities. It takes a comparative look at socio-political feminist theories on work and employment in different social and cultural contexts.

PREREQUISITE: Third-year standing, or permission of the Department

GNDS 326/3.0 - Gender, Diaspora and the Arts (3L)


This course explores transnational realities and diasporic experience, with particular attention to gender and sexuality, through the arts.

PREREQUISITE: Third-year standing, or permission of the Department


GNDS 330/3.0 - Gender and the Global South (3L)


This course examines gender in an international context with emphasis on current global issues of women and development. Topics include gendering international political economy, women’s health and sexualities, and forms of struggle, resistance and change in non-western contexts.

PREREQUISITE: Third-year standing or permission of the Department GNDS 330 Fall 2014 Chowdhury

GNDS 335/3.0 - Gendered Alternatives: Science Fiction and Fantasy (3L)


This course examines ways in which science fiction and fantasy writers use technology and the fantastic as tools for the deconstruction and reconstruction of gendered categories. The emphasis is on contemporary novels as offering deliberate and sophisticated interventions in major discourses in gender studies, with attention to issues of race, class, and nationhood.

PREREQUISITE: Third-year standing or permission of the Department

EXCLUSION: WMNS 217* GNDS 335 Fall 2014 Tolmie

GNDS 340/3.0 - Indigenous Women, Feminism and Resistance (3L)


Examines scholarship, creative works, and activism by Indigenous women as a basis for introducing Indigenous feminist thought. Cases examine the many ways in which Indigenous women and LGBTQ/Two-Spirit people participate in Indigenous nations, experience and resist settler colonialism, and work for Indigenous decolonization.

PREREQUISITE: Third-year standing or permission of the Department  GNDS 340 Winter 2015 Scott Morgensen

GNDS 345/3.0 - Research Methods in Gender Studies (3L)


This course provides a critical interdisciplinary introduction to methods and methodological issues in women’s studies research.

PREREQUISITE: WMNS 101*, WMNS 102*, WMNS 120*, GNDS 120 or GNDS 125* (WMNS 225*), and third-year standing.

EXCLUSION: WMNS 230*. GNDS 345 Fall 2014 Butler

GNDS 350/3.0 - Feminism, the Body, and Visual Culture (3L)


This course will explore how the visual constructs and/or subverts ‘woman’ as a cultural category. An emphasis will be placed upon the female body as it intersects with class and race. Readings from art history, history, cultural theory and feminist theory will be considered.

PREREQUISITE: Third-year standing or permission of the Department  GNDS 350 Fall 2014 Syllabus Stitski

GNDS 351/3.0 - Gender, Dress and Fashion (3L)


An investigation of gender as it is constructed in historical and contemporary dress and fashion. The focus will be upon visual culture and material culture.

PREREQUISITE: Third-year standing or permission of the Department 

GNDS 352/3.0 Gender, Cloth and Globalization (3L)


This course will examine the gendered history of the production and consumption of cloth, the impact of changing technologies on the textile industry since the 18th century, and the ensuing tensions between the industrial and the hand crafted.

PREREQUISITE: Third-year standing or permission of the Department  GNDS 352 Winter 2015 Syllabus Amos

GNDS 360/3.0 - Masculinities: Cross-Cultural Perspectives (3L)


Considers the main themes in the history of masculinity and male sexuality, especially “dissident” or subaltern masculinities internationally, and women’s roles in shaping ideologies of masculinity. Topics include the theorization of masculinity, initiation rituals, family and parenting, violence, sports, homophobia, sexual practices, colonialism, science/epistemology, and men and feminism.

PREREQUISITE: Third-year standing or permission of the Department  GNDS 360 Fall 2014 Syllabus A.W. Lee

GNDS 365/3.0 - Gender Dialogues: Jewish, Muslim and Christian (3L)


This course takes an intersectional approach to contemporary interfaith dialogues, with the aim of exploring and developing religious, ethical, and cultural literacies.  The course considers the construction of gender norms, stereotypes, cultural expectations, religious expectations and practices, and state policies post 9/11.

PREREQUISITE: Third-year standing or permission of the Department

GNDS 370/3.0 - Writing Lives: Feminism and Women’s Writing (3L)


This course explores women's writing in a wide range of genres, with emphases on memory and self-narration, using tools from feminist and queer theory, critical race studies, and literary theory and criticism.

PREREQUISITE: Third-year standing or permission of the Department 

GNDS 375/3.0 - Queer/Race Studies (3L)


This course explores current theory in queer studies by centrally examining the interdependence of race, sexuality, and gender. The course foregrounds the critical insights that follow sustained study of race in queer studies, and of queer matters in critical race, Indigenous, global, and diaspora studies.

PREREQUISITE: Third-year standing or permission of the Department  GNDS 375 Winter 2015 Syllabus Baba

GNDS 401/6.0 - Debates on Feminism and Islam (3S) 


This course situates itself in relation to contemporary debates around the status of women in Islam. Materials studied will allow students to develop an understanding and appreciation for the diverse perspectives and development of Islamic feminisms. It will permit students to address questions about Islamic gender politics and Muslim feminists’ engagement with (and challenge of) selfhood, agency, and authority as presented by traditional western feminist thought.

PREREQUISITE: Third or Fourth-year standing in Gender Studies or SXGD or permission of the Department GNDS 401 Winter 2015 Syllabus Tabasum Akseer

EXCLUSION: WMNS 425* (2008-09)

GNDS 410/6.0, -420/6.0, -425/6.0, -430/6.0, -435/6.0, -445/6.0 - Special Topics in Gender Studies (3S)


When faculty resources permit, these courses are intensive analyses of particular areas of gender studies interdisciplinary research. Details regarding specific topics will be available from the Head of the Department on an annual basis.

PREREQUISITE: Third or Fourth-year standing in Gender Studies or SXGD or permission of the Department

GNDS 412/6.0 - Advanced Topics and Theories in Sexual and Gender Diversity (3S)


This course provides an advanced study in specific topics and theories relating to the fields of sexual and gender diversity. Topics may change from year to year.

PREREQUISITE: Third or Fourth-year standing in Gender Studies or SXGD or permission of the Department

GNDS 421/6.0 - Gender and Poverty (3S)


An examination of the historical roots and contemporary issues facing low-income, men, women and children. While the focus will be on the industrialized world, there will be attempts to appreciate how poverty is experienced and understood on a global scale.

PREREQUISITE: Third or Fourth-year standing in Gender Studies or SXGD or permission of the Department


GNDS 422/6.0 - Women and Gender South of the Sahara (3S)


An interdisciplinary study of selected topics such as culture, ethnicity, health, sexuality, religion, economics, politics, African feminisms, agriculture and environment relevant to the study of women and gender in Africa south of the Sahara.

PREREQUISITE: Third or Fourth-year standing in Gender Studies or SXGD or permission of the Department

GNDS 427/6.0 - Towards the Human: Race and the Politics of Expression (3S)


This interdisciplinary seminar will explore the ways in which modernity shapes cultural ‘difference’ and ‘the human.’ Readings will focus on the racial and geographic contours of colonialism, transatlantic slavery and The Enlightenment in order to bring into focus communities that challenge racial-sexual categorization through creative expression (music, fiction, poetry, and visual art as well as theory).

PREREQUISITES: Third or Fourth-year standing in Gender Studies or SXGD or permission of the Department

GNDS 428/6.0 - Gender Performance (3S)


This advanced seminar addresses some of the many meanings and manifestations of “gender performance” in literature and popular culture. Primary sources include a wide variety of media -- novels, plays, poems, films, magazines and cartoons. Sample sources: works by William Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf, Elizabeth Bishop, Sarah Waters, David Henry Hwang, Diane DiMassa, Ian Iqbal Rashid; films such as Osama, The Ballad of Little Jo, Tootsie; postcards, Playboy, Ms. Magazine, news articles and advertisements. Primary material will be balanced with careful consideration of work in areas such as feminist theory, identity politics, queer and performance theory. The course is divided into distinct theme-based units, e.g. transvestism, gender identity, etiquette, beauty and the body, regulation of the household, violence, maternity, the trans community. Cross-listed with English.

PREREQUISITES: Third or Fourth-year standing in Gender Studies or SXGD or permission of the Department 

GNDS 432/6.0 - Settler Colonialism and Indigenous Politics (3S)


Examines critical theories and case studies of politics and governance in Indigenous and settler societies, based in Indigenous feminist thought. Cases examine the relation between nationality, gender, and sexuality within colonial relations of rule, methods of Indigenous governance, Indigenous sovereignty struggles, and theories and practices of decolonization.

PREREQUISITE: Third or Fourth-year standing in Gender Studies or SXGD or permission of the Department

GNDS 440/6.0 - Community-Based Research Practicum (3S, 6 Practicum)


The new title for this course is Social Justice Practicum: Learning through Community Organizing and Activism. A seminar in which students work in and outside the classroom on community organizing projects. Students reflect on how feminist, anti-racist, and queer theory can be integrated with real world practices.

PREREQUISITE: Third or Fourth-year standing in Gender Studies or SXGD or permission of the Department 

GNDS 465/6.0 - Gender Dialogues: Religion and Cultural Politics (3S) formerly "Diaspora and Feminisms in Jewish Contexts"


This Gender Dialogues course analyzes exchanges among Jewish, Muslim and Christian traditions using tools from gender studies, critical race studies, religious and cultural studies. The course explores boundary-crossing in social, cultural, personal and political contexts. This course contains an intensive and independent study component.

PREREQUISITE: Third or Fourth-year standing in Gender Studies or SXGD or permission of the Department 

GNDS 510/6.0, -520/3.0, -530/3.0 - Directed Special Studies


In consultation with the Head of the Department, students arrange their reading with individual Gender Studies faculty, and are expected to write reports on their readings and to discuss them throughout the term with that faculty supervisor.

PREREQUISITE: WMNS 100, 101*, 102*, GNDS 120* or GNDS 125* (or WMNS 225*); and GNDS 211* and GNDS 311* (or WMNS 210) and permission of the Department. Open only to students in Gender Studies degree programs with third-year standing or above.