MA in Gender Studies

Two graduate students in GNDS 801 class

In keeping with the Queen’s commitment to global engagement, the MA in Gender Studies emphasizes the ways in which women, gender and politics are informed by questions of racism, colonialism, and globalization. Key areas focus on the intersections of: gender, sexualities and feminist politics; migratory and (post)colonial cultures (indigenous, global and diasporic); labour, class, and location; and, cultural representation. The program is both cutting-edge and attendant to the traditional scholarly strengths of gender studies and women’s studies. Courses, research queries and discussions encourage interdisciplinarity, and support new ways of looking at issues of sex/gender.

The dynamic and diverse nature of our program suits the social, cultural and educational needs of highly mobile local/global societies that are becoming increasingly fragmented and complex. Our emphasis on gender, migratory communities, colonialism, labour and representation also reflect perennial scholarly preoccupations: who we are, how we live and how we affect and are affected by our environments.

Future students looking to do intense scholarly research related to the areas mentioned above will excel in the MA. Research-oriented coursework will provide a foundation for work at the doctoral level or in social services, business or government. The MA program meets current societal needs, complements extant programs in Ontario, and fits well within the context of graduate studies at Queen’s. The resources of the Department and the University will support incoming MA candidates.

Gender Studies Completed MA Theses

Career Opportunities after Gender Studies:

  • Advocacy
  • Public Policy
  • Community/social services
  • International Development
  • Research
  • Advertising
  • Arts administration
  • Education
  • Ethics
  • Healthcare
  • Human resources
  • Immigration Services
  • Journalism/media
  • Labour/Industrial Relations
  • Law
  • Mediation and Labour Relations
  • Social Work
  • Student Affairs