Margaret Little


Brief Biography

I like to think of myself as an anti-poverty activist and academic who works in the area of single mothers on welfare, welfare/workfare reform, and retraining. I am jointly appointed to Gender Studies and Political Studies and am the 2013-18 Peacock Professor of Gender and Politics.

My two books are If I Had a Hammer: Retraining that Really Works (UBC Press, 2005) and the award-winning No Car, No Radio, No Liquor Permit: The Moral Regulation of Single Mothers in Ontario, 1920-1997 (Oxford Press, 1998).

In my spare (?!) time I am currently working on three projects: White feminist racism; abused women's experiences of Canadian housing policy; First Nations women's experience of violence and Canadian social policy.

I am most interested in supervising students in the areas of poverty, Canadian social policy, welfare restructuring and anti-poverty organizing.