GNDS Goes Local

Members of the Gender Studies Staff in the 2014 25th Anniversary of Kingston's Pride Parade.



"Other Kingston Project"

Women's Healing Circle - Prisoner's Justice Day Monday Aug 10 3pm - details on poster

The Department of Gender Studies is now co-sponsoring this project with Four Directions Aboriginal Student Center ( research project will consider Kingston in the context of its many diverse communities, particularly those commonly ignored in the tourist brochures. The research agenda is framed in terms of intersection of gender, race, class, sexuality, ability, time and place.

The Journal of Critical Race Inquiry

Gender Studies is proud to house this open-access publication that supports inquiry into critical race issues. Co-editors Scott Morgensen and Leela Viswanathan are pleased to announce the new issue and a call for submission for the next issue.

Website of the Journal of Critical Race Inquiry with new issue.

Call for Submissions - essays due August 1, 2015

"Men who Like Feminism"

This new campus group is affiliated with the Levana Gender Advocacy Centre ( and welcomes all who want to start thinking critically about masculinity, identify as masculine, because of or regardless of gender, and want to learn more about feminism and healthy masculinity. For more info email:

TransFamily Kingston:

TransFamily Kingston is a group of transgender individuals and their family members and supporters in Kingston, Ontario. We have found that it can be very helpful to connect with other people who are on the same journey, either as a transgender person, or as a parent, sibling, spouse, child or friend of a trans person. This is not a professionally-run support group. It is a grassroots social network that seeks primarily to combat the loneliness and isolation often felt by trans people and those journeying with them.