Course Timetables

Courses & Timetable

Required Courses
GNDS 801/3.0

Theories in Gender Studies

Offered Fall 2015 Scott Morgensen

GNDS 802/3.0

Methodologies in Gender Studies

Offered Winter 2016 Margaret Little

GNDS 899/6.0 Master's Thesis Research
Elective Courses (offered when faculty resources permit)

GNDS 810/3.0

Topics in Gendered Identities and Difference

Offered Winter 2016 Katherine McKittrick

GNDS 820/3.0

GNDS 820 Feminist Political Economy

Not offered in 2015-16

GNDS 821/3.0

Special Topics

Offered Winter 2016 Dylan Robinson

GNDS 840/3.0 and

GNDS 841/3.0

Directed Reading (subject to faculty availability)
GNDS 850/3.0

Practicum: Engaging Feminist Activisms

Subject to faculty availability

Courses offered in other graduate programs at Queen's University (including Sociology, Religious Studies, Environmental Studies, Global Development Studies, Geography, Cultural Studies, English, History, English, Art History, Education, Law, Politics) subject to permission of course instructors. 2015 List of Courses in Cognate Departments

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