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The Disability Services Office is one branch of the Health, Counselling and Disability Services (HCDS) Department. We are located at 146 Stuart in the LaSalle building. Go to our Contact page for more details about getting in touch with us.

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What we do?

We assist students with disabilities in many ways including providing advocacy and support, as well as recommending accommodations. Read more about our mission and browse this site for more info.

Queen's University is committed to facilitating the integration of students with disabilities into the University community. While all students must satisfy the essential requirements for courses and programs, the administration, faculty, staff, and students at Queen's are expected to provide reasonable accommodation to students with disabilities. Reasonable accommodation may require members of the University community to exercise creativity and flexibility in responding to the needs of students with disabilities while maintaining academic standards. This policy acknowledges that fundamental to the academic and personal success of students is their responsibility both to demonstrate self reliance and to identify needs requiring accommodation.

We're Here to Help

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We are here to assist students, parents, and instructors with all aspects relating to students with disabilities. Please browse this website to learn more about us and our services. Don't hesitate to contact us with any further questions or for more information.

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