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How to Become a Peer Mentor

Why become a Peer Mentor?

Mentoring another student is not only beneficial for the student being mentored (Mentee), but it enhances your (the Mentor's) study and life skills, giving you valuable career-related skills. Mentors develop increased self-awareness, and if you are interested in working with people, you'll find this experience highly relevant. As a valued volunteer, you are given extensive training in September and ongoing support throughout the year. Don’t forget - you get fed at meetings! We also have great parties - a Welcome Back party in September and January, and an end of year "Appreciation Party" - hosted by the Coordinator.

Peer Mentor Job Description

Download Peer Mentor Job Description PDF

How do I Apply?

New Peer Mentors are recruited each year from January to March, for the following year. Please check back here starting in January for the online application form.

More Information:

Feel free to browse the rest of the website, or contact the Peer Mentoring Program Director, Liz Racine, at liz.racine@queensu.ca.