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Mentor and Mentee Testimonials

Mentee Testimonials

2nd year Arts and Science student:
The most helpful strategy my mentor taught me was positive self-talk and putting coping statements on post-its: things like 'Relax, stay in the present'.

1st year International student in Biomedical Computing:
My mentor helped me schedule work for assignments and learn how to use websites to research graduate programs.

2nd year Health Studies student:
I feel mentoring has helped improve my motivation a great deal.

3rd year Philosophy student:
My mentor has been so incredibly helpful and she came along at a crucial time. I found her strategies on time management and goal setting very helpful. I also really like how we incorporated drawing into mentoring sessions.

4th year Computer Engineering student:
I feel mentoring has been an exploration process for me. I am becoming more self-aware and starting to set more realistic goals.

2nd year International student in Biology:
With my mentor's help, I learned how to organize my time, set goals in my planner and get essays done before due dates. So, no stress. I stopped some behaviours that affect my concentration and cause stress - I go to bed early and get up early which helps me manage my time better than before. I study at the Queen's library for up to 6 hours at a time - I did not do that before.

1st year Arts student with Disability:
My mentor has been fantastic and our time is well used. I've learned some valuable stress management strategies and am improving my essay writing. I'd like to become a Peer Mentor - I think this program really makes a difference.

Peer Mentor Testimonials

"I learned to manage my own time and helped my mentee as well. I watched my mentee improve her study skills while I improved my own. Mentoring has taught me how to think about a problem from another person's perspective."

"I started as a mentee and learned a lot from my Peer Mentor. The Coordinator encouraged me to become a mentor myself. I had the gratifying experience of helping other students, the way I had been helped. I was involved in this program for most of my undergraduate degree."

"What I enjoyed most about working with fellow students and mentors was really feeling like I was helping a fellow student. Especially just by doing something simple like easing fears or anxieties."

"I learned a great deal and found that the skills learned will help me in my future. I feel my perspectives are broadened."

"Mentoring helped strengthen my confidence and skills in communication."

"I enjoyed most the developing of a friendship and sense of joy to see my student improve. I improved my communication and interpersonal skills and developed life-long friendships. I feel happy to know I was able to help."

"Through Peer Mentoring, I was given the opportunity to gain skills associated with the teaching process and put these skills into practice to help a fellow student. As a teacher I have found that my mentoring experience has benefited me in many ways."

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