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Post-secondary Accessibility Consulting Team

Introduction to the Post-secondary Accessibility Consulting Team Pilot Project

As a service provider, when a student requests accommodation which gives you pause or concern, or for which you have no adequate supporting documentation, how can you resolve the issue quickly and continue the relationship with minimal conflict and tension?

As a student, when your disability office or faculty member has difficulty meeting your accommodation needs and you feel uncomfortable working it out, where could you turn for information?

Since these situations can be awkward, and internal institutional mechanisms may not always understand or resolve the issues, the Regional Assessment and Resource Centre is pleased to introduce a pilot program, the Post-secondary Accessibility Consulting Team (PACT). This is an exciting opportunity to explore how a free consultation and mediation/facilitation service could help vet documentation and resolve conflicts between students seeking accommodation and their college or university.

The 1-year pilot project will research and develop an appropriate and workable dispute resolution process to be available free of charge to all post-secondary institutions in Ontario. Difficulties over documentation, appropriate and mutually agreeable accommodations, or other disability-related questions may be well-served by an external mediation service, provided by PACT at no cost to the institution. PACT provides consultation, facilitation or mediation where required, and will identify a panel of experts to serve as an advisory board to the Service. PACT is available for any type of disability or disability-related question.

As well, PACT aims to develop and consolidate information resources for students, parents, disability officers and the larger community on topics such as rights and responsibilities for accommodation in post-secondary education, accommodation strategies, examples and ideas. Please click on the following links for more detailed information on the vision and ethics statements of PACT, frequently asked questions, how to access PACT, and an invitation for input.

The RARC looks forward to working together with you to explore these opportunities. Please feel free to call for a free consultation, and contact us directly if you have any questions or suggestions about this pilot project.

Allyson G. Harrison, Ph.D., C.Psych. Director, RARC

Barbara Roberts, M.Sc.OT Coordinator, PACT

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