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Courses in the Hebrew language have been offered at Queen's since the University held its first classes in 1842. They were a central part of the University's curriculum during its early decades, when a large percentage of Queen's students studied theology and required knowledge of Hebrew for biblical studies.

Since 1912, Queen’s has offered one introductory and one advanced course in the language, both to students at the Theological College and students in the Faculty of Arts and Science.

Currently, Hebrew Program offers language acquisition as well as literature and culture courses. The courses offered change from year to year

Timetable for 2014-2015 academic year

Course Code Course Name Term Times Location Slot
HEBR 190 Introduction to Modern Hebrew FW

Mon. 11:30-13:00, Thu. 13:00-14:30

KINGST 304 41
HEBR 294 Intermediate Modern Hebrew F

Mon. 14:30-16:00, Thu. 16:00-17:30

KINGST 205 51
HEBR 301 Special Topics in Hebrew W

Mon. 14:30-16:00, Thu. 16:00-17:30

KINGST 208 51

All Hebrew courses may be taken as elective or be counted towards:

Hebrew Courses

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HEBR 135:Hebrew Literature and Cultural Contexts in Translation (3.0)

An introduction in English translation to the masterpieces of Hebrew literature from the Bible to the revival of modern Hebrew and Israeli culture; classics of Jewish religious thought as well as secular Hebrew culture, prose and poetry, writings by men and women; a study of the ways in which surrounding societies influenced Hebrew culture and the aspects of continuity in Hebrew cultural development.

EXCLUSION:    No more than 1 course from HEBR 135/3.0; JWST 135/6.0

HEBR 190: Introduction to Modern Hebrew (6.0)

This course is designed for students with minimal or no background in Hebrew.  The course introduces students with the basic structure and usage of Modern Hebrew.  

PREREQUISITE: Permission of the instructor

HEBR 294: Intermediate Modern Hebrew I (3.0)

An extensive grammar review with practice in speaking, writing and translation, based on the reading of texts by modern Hebrew writers.

PREREQUISITE: HEBR 190/6.0 or permission of the instructor.

HEBR 295: Intermediate Modern Hebrew II (3.0)

An extensive grammar review with practice in speaking, writing, and translation, based on the reading of texts by modern Hebrew writers. HEBR 295/3.0, when offered, is a direct continuation of HEBR 294/3.0.

PREREQUISITE:    HEBR 294/3.0, or permission of the instructor.

HEBR 301: Special Topics in Hebrew (3.0)

Specialized study, as circumstances permit, of a particular author, genre, theme, movement, literary form or some combination of these elements.

PREREQUISITE: HEBR 294/3.0 or HEBR 291/6.0 or permission of the instructor

HEBR 390: Conversational Hebrew (3.0) Everyday modern Hebrew communication and comprehension. Participation in conversations; student presentations.
HEBR 393: Reading Modern Hebrew Literature (3.0) Selections from current Israeli media including music, newspapers and television, as well as from modern Hebrew prose and poetry. The selections are studied in Hebrew; written assignments may be submitted in English.
HEBR 502: Directed Reading in Hebrew (3.0)

Directed Hebrew reading of material not covered in other courses, appropriate to the student’s level.

PREREQUISITE:   Permission of the instructor or the Program Director.

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