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Queen's University

Holocaust Education Week

Queen's Holocaust Education Week 2013: Leaving Legacies and Preserving Stories

Everyone has a story.
We remember the victims who never lived to tell theirs,
And honour the survivors who continue to pass theirs on.
We must remember them and share their legacies. 
Everyone has a story, What’s yours?

In commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass, Queen’s Hillel Presents: Holocaust Education Week 2013
All our events are free and open to all Queen's students and the greater Kingston Community.


Monday-Thursday: Walk-Through Exhibit in the Lower JDUC

Monday, November 11, Annette Weisberg
Stirling Hall A, 7pm

Share a fascinating story about the challenges of growing up in a post-war Germany, and her journey to speaking out about the Holocaust.
Annette was born in Germany in 1946 to Catholic parents and was surrounded as a child by many reminders of World War II. She will describe her experiences as a young post-war German and her struggles growing up with an older generation of Germans which had opted for a collective silence about Germany’s dark recent past. Annette will also share her challenges that she faced as a young German immigrant in North America, and, the young wife of a Jewish American man.

Tuesday, November 12 Film Screening: “The Heart of Auschwitz”
Stirling Hall A, 7pm

On December 12th, 1944, a hand-made card in the shape of a heart was offered to Fania who was celebrating her birthday ... in Auschwitz. She was twenty years old. The heart contained the wishes of fifteen of her prisoner friends who had made it secretly and at the risk of losing their lives. Sixty-six years later, the card was exhibited in a Montreal, Canada, museum. Mesmerized by this object, the filmmaker embarks on a quest to locate Fania and the authors with the purpose of bringing them together again. His search takes him on a long trip through America and Europe, to Israel and to the site of Auschwitz. Throughout, he has to dig for scant information, while overcoming denials brought by fear from some of the surviving actors of this drama who find themselves unable to relive through those dreadful memories.

Wednesday, November 13, Holocaust Survivor, Nate Leipciger
Stirling D, 7pm

Nate Leipciger, a Holocaust survivor from Chorzow, Poland, will be sharing his testimonials of his experiences. He will also be discussing the importance of preserving the stories of survivors so that we will never forget. 

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