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Queen's University

Eric Crouse

Ph.D. (History), Queen's University, 1997

My time (1993-1996) in the Queen's University Department of History program was an amazing experience. The faculty and staff were wonderful. I returned to Calgary in December 1996, working as a construction and farm laborer and teaching ESL for a year. For a few years I had teaching appointments at the University of New Brunswick, St. Francis Xavier University, Dalhousie University, and St. Thomas University. I now teach at Tyndale University College (Toronto) where I am Professor of History. My areas of research are: Cold War America, conservatism, economic theory, and US-Israel relations. My books are: The Cross and Reaganomics: Conservative Christians Defending Ronald Reagan (Lexington Books 2013);An American Stand: Senator Margaret Chase Smith and the Communist Menace, 1948-1972 (Lexington Books 2010); Dear Senator Smith: Small-town Maine Writes to Senator Margaret Chase Smith about the Vietnam War, 1967-1971 (Lexington Books 2008); and Revival in the City: The Impact of American Evangelists in Canada, 1884-1914 (McGill-Queen's University Press 2005). My forthcoming book is Israel and War: American Christians Standing with Israel, 1948-1975. I do some writing for The Bayview Review, a conservative online magazine. I am on Twitter: ER_Crouse.


February 2014

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000