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      2011-2012 Executive

Co-Presidents: Allison Ward & Kendall Garton
The Co-Presidents are responsible for organizing social events such as Orientation, the Holiday Party, and the annual Book and Bake Sale, as well as some other smaller events like coffee hours. They are also responsible for representing both the MA students and PhD students at the Department meetings (as voting members) and at Graduate Committee (non-voting members). The Co-Presidents are also the official liaison between the Department and the Graduate students. Additional initiatives, such as policies regarding office space have also fallen to this office at the Co-Presidents’ discretion.

Treasurer: Peter Price
The GHSA treasurer’s responsibilities include managing the organization’s accounts, seeing that bills are paid in a timely manner, signing cheques, and keeping an accurate balance of available funds so that events can be planned within available means. The Treasurer is also responsible for depositing funds garnered both from other organizations and from our yearly fundraiser. Every other year, the treasurer is responsible for managing the funds for the McGill-Queen’s Conference, although those funds are raised by the conference organizer or organizing committee.

Secretary: Dinah Jansen
The Secretary is responsible for attending monthly GHSA meetings as well as any special meetings and recording the official minutes. The Secretary is also responsible for circulation of those minutes to the GHSA membership.

M.A Representative: Vacant -- To be filled in September
The MA Rep is an elected position on the GHSA executive. The MA Rep attends all monthly and any additional GHSA meetings. The main role of the MA Rep is to serve as a point of contact for MA students in the department to raise concerns or make suggestions. The MA Rep also votes on behalf of all MA students when decisions are being made. The MA Rep may also choose to serve on other committees within the GHSA i.e. Social Committee.

Graduate Committee Reps: Robert Engen
The Graduate Committee Representative is responsible for attending the meetings scheduled by the Graduate office of the Graduate Committee. They are responsible for representing the graduate student voice at these meetings and voting on issues.

Undergraduate Committee: Claire Cookson-Hills
The graduate representative to the Undergraduate Committee sits on this department committee, which meets approximately twice a year, and provides feedback on areas of concern to the undergraduate program. Primary responsibilities have been assessing proposals for new courses.

Appointments Committee: Dinah Jansen & Vacant
Appointments Committee Representatives participate in the selection of new, full-time Faculty (and serve on the GHSA's Executive committee). They must: undergo Equity Training before commencing their duties; respect the university's "Collective Agreement" and search procedures; and attend most/all of the Department's Appointments Committee meetings. When a search is being conducted Reps. are also responsible for: reviewing the candidates' files; assisting in the creation of a "shortlist"; attending "Job-Talks"; participating in the formal interviews; running student-candidate meetings; soliciting Grad student feedback; and voting for their preferred candidate and/or candidates. While the Reps. carefully consider graduate student feedback on candidates, ultimately their vote is their own as they alone amongst the student body have access to the candidates' full application files and interview procedures. Reps. share one vote on the Appointments Committee and in the event that one Representative cannot fulfill his/her duties the other is permitted to cast the full ballot. Appointments Reps. are also compelled--under the university's "Collective Agreement" and Provincial Privacy Rules- -to maintain the "confidentiality" of a search and to do their best to limit public discussion of the candidates' "personal information" and/or their performances during the hiring process.

Professional Development & Social Activities Coordinator: Casey Hurrell
The Professional Development representative is responsible for developing, promoting, and coordinating professional development workshops for MA and PhD students. The selection of workshops is based on student and council feedback, as well as general needs of the department. In the past, it has proven effective to solicit feedback in the spring from exiting students – i.e. what you wished you’d known – as well as from new students in the fall.

McGill-Queen's Graduate Student Conference Chair: Vacant
The McGill-Queen’s Graduate Student Conference Chair is a bi-annual position. One year it is held at McGill, the next
at Queen’s. This exclusively student-run conference has the overall goal of offering graduate students from Canadian universities and universities abroad the opportunity to come together to discuss new perspectives and challenges in the field of history. When the conference is held at McGill, the representative makes themself available to assist their counterpart at McGill. When the conference is held at Queen’s, the conference chair organizes and co-ordinates a committee to gather finances, solicit papers, organize panels, arrange for conference space and other amenities, and find a speaker to address the conference.

Housing Representative: Mary Chaktsiris
The Housing Representative is responsible for assisting students (new and current) in acclimating themselves to Kingston, find housing, and perform related duties. For more information please see the Housing page.

Webmaster: Casey Hurrell
Email: casey.hurrell@queensu.ca
The GHSA Webmaster is responsible for the maintenance and design of the GHSA website, including monthly updates to the Upcoming Events section. Every other year Conference related pages must be designed. Following ITS policies, the Webmaster posts documents and notices of interest to the GHSA community.

SGPS Rep: Doug Nesbitt
As the SGPS (Society of Professional and Graduate Students) representative for the GHSA, I attend monthly meetings of that organization—which advocates in various ways for Queen’s graduate and professional students--on behalf of the history department. There, I vote on motions of various kinds brought before council by councilors and department representatives, argue for or against those motions, and bring motions introduced on the history department’s or the GHSA’s behalf before council.

Nugent Committee Representative: Rob Engen
The Nugent Committee Representative is the graduate student voice in discussions regarding the allocation of monies donated to the history department by Bernice Nugent to "support the invitation of speakers, the organization of conferences, or the presentation of papers at Queen's." The Department has a defined application procedure for faculty, graduate and undergraduate initiatives. The total amounts awarded from each fund vary from year to year as determined by the History Department's Nugent Fund Committee, and the Committee is responsible as well for deciding which projects get funded in what amounts. The application process, award criteria, and deadlines can be found at: http://www.queensu.ca/history/news/nugentfund.html

CHA Representative: Vacant
The CHA Representative is responsible for informing the GHSA membership of any pertinent or relevant information regarding the Canadian Historical Association.