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The GHSA’s “Good to Know” List

Welcome to Queen’s History Graduate Programme! You’re in for an exciting year full of great experiences. Here are some helpful hints to guide you during your time at Queen’s.

To Do:

You need an email address. To get a Queen’s email address, go to https://eservices.queensu.ca/apps/mynetid/getid/ To print at any of the computer labs, you need a “qlink” account. You can add money to your account at ITServices online or at their office.

If you are TAing, you might be assigned an office. Each office has a phone and an ethernet connection for the internet. However, after hours and weekends the buildings are often locked. To get a building key you can leave a deposit with Cathy or Cindy in the history office and get a building key. Your deposit will be returned when you return the key.

To Know:
About the Department…

Yvonne Place, the graduate assistant, is someone you should know – she’s the one to ask if you have any questions about forms, etc.

The history office closes at 4:30 p.m.

All graduate students will be given a mailbox, organized alphabetically by last name in the history office. Check it regularly.

OGS and SSHRC applications are due in October! The department will have an information session to talk about the application process. Find out if you are eligible before you start.

Conference Travel Awards are available to students presenting a a conference. Applications are assessed by the department.

The Lower Lounge (2nd Floor Watson Hall) is a comfy place to read.

The Grad Club (corner of Union and Barrie) holds a trivia night every Thursday. The questions start at 9, but get there early if you want a table!

The Toucan pub at 76 Princess Street offers graduate students 50% off food on Thursdays with a graduate student card!

About things on campus…
If you take a reserve item out of the library half an hour before the library closes, they will allow you to keep it overnight.

Stauffer library has a graduate reading room on the 3rd Floor.

Douglas library is often less crowded than Stauffer and is a lot quieter.

The P&CC in the JDUC (student centre) has photocopiers that charge 7 cents a copy (cheaper than the library). They have 1 cent copy days throughout the year as well, these will be advertised. There are also some photocopy places (such as Mailboxes etc. on the corner of Princess and Division) that have 5 cents a copy Fridays or if you buy 1000 copies you can get them for 5 cents anytime.

The Instructional and Development Centre offers some helpful teaching courses throughout the year. They are free for TAs and graduate students.

For cheap weekend buses to Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, the Tricolour Express can’t be beat. Check out http://www.myams.org/services/22

Graduate Students get their ISIC cards FREE from the SGPS, giving you great deals on train and bus fares around the world. Get yours at the SGPS office on the bottom level of the JDUC anytime.

Every year you pay for your health plan. Take advantage of it. More information will be given at the official welcome, or visit http://www.sgps.ca/health/ for info, forms etc.

Visit humanities net to find out about conferences, call for papers etc. at http://www.h-net.msu.edu/

About the City…
The Farmer’s Market is held in Market Square (behind City Hall) on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. You can buy fresh produce and flowers for pretty decent prices.

If you are looking to see a movie that isn’t a “Blockbuster,” check out The Screening Room at 120 Princess St. http://www.moviesinkingston.com/sr/
For the more mainstream check out screening times for the Cineplex and Capitol 7 cinemas at http://www.whatsonkingston.com/entertain/cinema.html

If you are thinking of takeout food, check out your options at http://themenusite.ca/index.php

For the mundane, but necessary, garbage and recycling schedules for your area, see http://www.cityofkingston.ca/

You get a bus-pass as part of your student fees. Check out transit schedules at http://www.cityofkingston.ca/residents/transportation/transit/schedule.asp