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Pattern I

M.A. Pattern I: two session-length (two-term) graduate courses (or the equivalent in term-length courses) plus a Master's thesis [HIST-899], recommended length 100 pp., maximum length 150 pp. The Pattern I M.A. can be completed in twelve months but may take longer. It should be completed within 12-20 months from initial registration. Part-time students may enroll in one course per session, and must take the minimum two graduate history courses in the department for their degrees.  

Thesis: The thesis proposal must be submitted to the Graduate Committee for approval by the end of the second term of the first academic session of M.A. study (May 15).

The Graduate Committee's approval must be obtained before the candidate commences work on the thesis. The thesis proposal must be approved (by signature or email) by the proposed supervisor(s) prior to submission to the committee.

The Master's thesis will be subject to examination under the general regulations of the School of Graduate Studies. The examination board for the thesis will consist of: the supervisor(s), additional examiners, and a chair.

The format of the thesis must be in compliance with the School of Graduate Studies.

Titles of theses will be listed in the Canadian Historical Association, Register of Post-Graduate Dissertations in Progress in History and Related Subjects.