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Thesis and Cognate Essay Proposals

Proposed thesis topics shall be submitted to the Graduate Committee, in writing, for approval by May 15th.

Students must have their supervisor's approval of the topic.

The M.A. thesis or cognate essay proposal should be neither lengthy nor elaborate.

The format of proposals will differ depending on the nature of the topics, but in general they should contain, in no more than two typewritten pages, the following information:

  • Significance.
    Why is the topic important?
    Give a brief summary of the state of the question in the existing literature.
    What contribution do you expect to make?
    What is novel about your approach or interpretation?
  • Sources.
    What are the sources for the project?
    What sources will you be using that have not already been used by others?
    What problems do you expect to encounter in obtaining sources? (working bibliography to be included)
  • Time.
    Outline the stages of your project to completion.