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Language Requirements

Ph.D. students are required to demonstrate proficiency in an additional language.

Students can choose in which language to satisfy their requirement. The test will consist of a passage of about 40-50 lines of a basic historical text to be translated into literary English in two hours, with the aid of a dictionary. The standard expected is that the translator must prove that he/she understands the passage for purposes of historical research, i.e. minor mistakes/infelicities will be tolerated (within reason), but major misunderstandings will not.
This test is marked on a PASS/FAIL basis.

Normally a language examination is scheduled every October (a second language examination is normally offered in the spring), and all incoming PhD students are expected to sit this October examination. If they do not pass, they should at that time meet with the Graduate Chair to discuss plans for satisfying the language requirement.

Students have the opportunity to take undergraduate language courses at Queen's University without paying additional tuition, as long as the request is supported by a letter from the supervisor indicating that the language course is essential to the student's academic programme. If you would like to enroll in an undergraduate language course, please contact the Graduate Office.