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Internal Funding

Graduate students receive financial support from a variety of sources including internal awards and Fellowships, external awards, Teach Assistantships, Teaching Fellowships, and so on. A total funding package for an individual student composed of different combinations of funding from these sources is explained in annual funding letters from the Graduate Office (usually in July) and SGS (usually in August).

If a student wins an internal or external award, this new award will affect the types and amounts of internal funding provided. If you win an internal or external award, please check with the Graduate Chair of History as soon as possible to ascertain your final funding package.

To find out more about funding of graduate studies in history, please consult the School of Graduate Studies.

Some of the awards listed by the SGS do not require the student to apply for them; rather students are considered for these awards by the Graduate Chair as part of their annual funding package (e.g. McLaughlin, Bracken). Others do require students to make a formal application (Dean's Travel). The Graduate Office regularly sends out notices to our current students about funding competitions both within the university and beyond. In some cases, students submit their applications to the Department of History, in other cases to the SGS and in some cases directly to the funding organization. Please check the details of the awards carefully to ensure that you send your application to the correct party. Please ensure that the Graduate Office has your current email account and that you check this account regularly so that you don't miss important financial information.

Of particular interest to history students are the following awards: Dean's Travel, Timothy Frank Fellowship, Rickerd Fellowship, among others. Please check the SGS Calendar for details of all these awards.

Please note that Queen's supports conference travel for MA and PhD students presenting at conferences. The Conference Travel Award is administered by the department and requires that you apply for this award before you attend the conference:

The Registrar's Office also provides funding opportunities (bursaries) for Graduate students.