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Programmes of Study

MA in History

We offer two MA programme patterns:

  • Pattern I requires students to complete two full-year seminar courses and write a longer thesis (about 100 pages).
  • Pattern II requires students to complete three full-year seminar courses and to write a short thesis or cognate essay (about 50 pages);

Most students select the three course, short thesis option, designed to be completed within one year. Both streams provide an excellent foundation for doctoral programmes. MA students have the opportunity to study for one term at the University of Fudan in Shanghai.

PHD in History

Our doctoral programme aims to provide students with both a broad-ranging command of several fields and a more focused expertise in their major field.

In the first year, doctoral students take two full year seminar courses, and a required fall-term course on historical theories and methods. They also prepare for an oral defence of their major and minor fields that is structured around the preparation of undergraduate course syllabi in these fields.

Half way through the second year of the programme, they defend an extended thesis proposal before their dissertation committee.

The structure of the programme is designed to enable students to complete their doctorates within four years.

Queen's History also offers PhDs the opportunity to take advantage of international graduate programmes, notably Birkbeck College, University of London, and Fudan University in Shanghai.