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The Canadian Studies Network announces that Daniel Meister, PhD Candidate, was awarded a Graduate Student Scholarship by the International Council for Canadian Studies. This award will help in Daniel’s research where he explores the intellectual history of Canadian multiculturalism.  Daniel is supervised by Dr. Barrington Walker. Please see:

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A recently released history podcast by MA Student, Louis Zatzman shares the same topic as his master's thesis.  Please see links below:

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Queen's Historian's Shine

During a week when Canadian media pays a great deal of attention to the battle of Vimy Ridge, in a stunning public relations coup, the Hill 70 project has managed to eclipse Vimy Ridge in the centenary year of the battles of Hill 70 and Vimy Ridge: As the first entirely Canadian major action in the war and the first with the Canadian Corps under the command of a Canadian, Lt Gen Sir Arthur Currie, Hill 70 is arguably every bit as significant to Canadian history as Vimy Ridge.

However, what is not evident in the media reports is the work done by a team of Queen’s historians led by Robert Engen (MA 2008, PhD, 2014). Under his leadership, Matthew Barrett (MA 2013, PhD candidate), Sonia Dussault (MA 2013, PhD candidate), Claire Cookson Hills (PhD 2013), and Cristina Wood (BA Honours History 2017) have been employed by the Hill 70 project to provide research and create products essential to the success of the project. More details of their work can be found on the Hill 70 website ( e.g., Hill 70 publications:; the story behind Robert’s book Victory Forgotten:; Matthew’s and Robert’s graphic novel about Hill 70:; Robert’s and Sonia’s education packages and other learning resources:; and Christina’s Hill 70 blog: In addition, the team is putting the finishing touches on the museum storyboards that will be featured at the Hill 70 memorial site in Loos-en-Gohelle once the monument opens in August 2017.

Recent Articles Published:

  • James Morton, "A Byzantine Canon Law Scholar in Norman Sicily: Revisiting Neilos Doxapatres' Order of the Patriarchal Thrones" Speculum 92:3 (July 2017)