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History’s Teaching Awards for 2015-16 announced at History’s annual faculty lecture on December 1, 2016.  Congratulations to Dr. Tim Smith and Dr. Peter Price

Tim Smith, this year's winner of History's Faculty Teaching Award was praised by his students for his positive outlook, and challenging, but practical and fair, course design. His personal engagement with student learning helped engage undergraduates with the material, and foster a desire to learn. He provided balanced literature that exposed students to a multiplicity of opinion improved student’s critical thinking, and helped nurture excellent discussions. Nominated for his courses “Hist 213 Comparative Public Policy,” and for “Hist 390 U.S. Public Policy and Society since 1945” Tim Smith taught students by drawing upon multiple disciplines, and by tackling big questions such as global poverty and inequality.


History's Teaching Fellow award winner, Peter Price has proven to be exemplary in his commitment to education. By prizing a lively and engaging classroom environment, and making students comfortable to explore new ides and promote critical thinking, it is no wonder that his students have described him as one of the most effective educators at Queen’s. He was nominated by his class of "Hist 122 The Making of the Modern World." Peter was also a finalist for the Christopher Knapper Award for Teaching Excellence, presented by the Queens AMS.