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Ph.D. Candidate
Modern Canadian social history


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Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Trent University, 2010
Master of Arts, Queen's University, 2011


My dissertation “Reds in Beds: The Communist Party of Canada and the Politics of Reproduction, 1920 – 1970” recognizes that at the dawn of the twentieth century the earliest sustained interrogation of the politics of reproduction in Canada came from the militant left. Especially considering the hard stance that the CPC took against even discussing the politics of reproduction, the fact that a nearly five decade span of these very topics can be unearthed from their official publications evinces that despite doctrinal demands, there was certainly much interest to be found within this officially taboo topic. Moreover, this research indicates that from being contained to a few secretive individuals, there were many dense and rich networks of activists labouring in plain sight that also took stock of the social as well as physical reproduction of the nation.

I essentially argue that through an investigation of the politics that underwrote their ideas and ideologies of a healthy, socialized body politic, we may better appreciate the role that these early, militant politics played in the eventual formation of what we may deem mainstream Canadian approaches to sex, health, and reproduction.

This thesis is being carried out under the supervision of the talented Dr. Jacalyn Duffin.