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Department of History
Department of History

Gerald Tulchinsky Tulchinsky2.jpg

Professor Emeritus





Ph.D., Toronto
M.A., McGill
B.A., Toronto  


Gerald Tulchinsky, author of The River Barons, a study of Montreal businessmen, and editor of To Preserve and Defend. Essays on Kingston in the Nineteenth Century, is currently engaged in two separate projects. First, he has been researching the history of the Canadian clothing industry and he has one article in Old Ontario: Essays in Honour of J.M.S. Careless (1990). A book is in preparation. His second project, which is closely related, focuses on the history of Canadian Jews, a topic on which he has written several articles. A book: Taking Root: The Origins of the Canadian Jewish Community, covering the period from 1762 to 1920, was published in October 1992. A second volume, Branching Out: the Transformation of the Canadian Jewish Community was published by Stoddart in November, 1998. A biography of J.B. Salzburg is in preparation.