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Queen's University

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Associate Professor
Modern China, East Asia, Environmental History

E-mail: emily.hill@queensu
Phone: 613-533-6000, ext: 74355
Fax: 613-533-6298
Office: Watson Hall 203



PhD, Cornell University, 1996


Emily Hill is a specialist on the history of China. She speaks Chinese, visits China frequently and bases her research in Chinese-language source materials. Her main area of research has been the political economy of China's Republican period, particularly 1931-37. A new project on the political economy of agriculture during the twentieth century examines land reform programs and the expansion of artificial fertilizer use in mainland China and Taiwan since the 1950s.

Professor Hill's undergraduate courses include:

Modern East Asia (HIST 318)
China since 1800 (HIST 299)
Environmental History (HIST 257)

Combined graduate-undergraduate courses:

China's revolutions, 1911-1949 (History 498/889)
China since 1949 (History 499/819)

Graduate course:

Global Agrarian and Environmental History (HIST 818)

Principal fields for graduate supervision:Modern and contemporary China, global environmental history.


Smokeless Sugar: The death of a provincial bureaucrat and the construction of China's national economy. University of British Columbia Press, 2010. For the Introduction and a sample chapter, visit:

(In preparation) Chiang Kai-shek: The Critical Years, 1935 to 1950. An edited volume of papers presented at the workshop on "Re-assessing Chiang Kai-shek: An International Dialogue," convened at Queen's in August 2009.

(Forthcoming review essay) “Toxics in China.” Social Justice. Special Issue: Bhopal and After: The Chemical Industry as Toxic Capitalism Vol. 41.1-2 (December 2014).

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000