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Samantha Summerssamantha summers

M.A. Candidate



Samantha Summers is a medievalist interested in early medieval European social and cultural history. She is primarily focused on the methods by which early medieval identity was constructed and thought of, with a particular interest in gender. After finishing her HBA with Distinction at the University of Toronto in Celtic studies and with a senior thesis critiquing modern conceptions of medieval Irish gender construction, she now is a Master student here at Queen's University under the supervision of Dr. Adnan Husain. In her Master degree, she aims to research the construction of Lombard femininity versus Roman femininity in the Lombard imagination; drawing on legal, charter, literary, and artistic sources to this end.


"Two Hearts" : A look at the differing depictions of romance in Welsh and France Arthurian stories through analysis of "Culhwch ac Olwen," "Chevrefeuille," and "Lanval." Garm Lu 37, (2015)
"The Scorn Supremacy" : A brief, hypothetical exercise in the ways in which satire may have been used as a tool to establish and control power dynamics amongst the bards of medieval Ireland. Garm Lu 38, (2016)
"Redefining Revivalism: A Cornish Case Study" : A look at the ways in which various definitions of revivalism fail to account for the successes of many revivals, with a closer look at the circumstances of the Cornish revival. A version of this paper was presented at the 2016 Association of Celtic Students of Ireland and Britain conference in Galway and won an award for contributions to Cornish studies.