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Ph.D. Candidate
Canadian social history, Twentieth-century Europe, Historiography


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BA (History) Memorial University
MA (History) Memorial University


Broadly, my research explores the influence of nationalist thought on the past. This in turn leads me to consider themes and questions related to social, political, and intellectual history. The tentative title of my thesis is ?Historians and the Quest to Imagine the Canadian Community, 1921-1967.?In this SSHRC-funded project, I consider the choices various Canadian historians of both English and French speech made in framing a national history for Canada, giving particular attention to the unstated assumptions behind such choices, as well as the philosophical and historiographical background that influenced their scholarship. Based upon a careful reading of the Canadian Historical Review, the Annual Report of the Canadian Historical Association, and the works of such historians as Arthur Lower, Lionel Groulx, Donald Creighton, Guy Frégault, and others, this project charts one phase of a nation-building project, the goal of which was to redefine the relationship between individual Canadians and the community to which they belonged. This thesis is being completed under the supervision of Dr. Ian McKay.


"Of Balance Wheels and Bodies Politic: Arthur Lower and the Liberal Vision of Canadian History," History of Intellectual Culture 10, no. 1 (2013).

Academic Awards

Fellow of the School of Graduate Studies, Memorial University (2008); Roger Graham Fellowship (2011); Senator Frank Carrel Fellowship (2011)