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Queen's University

Kassandra Luciuk

M.A. Candidate
Canadian ethnic and immigration history




B.A. Honours, Queen's University, 2012

My research will focus on the debate over the historical memory of the Second World War in relation to the Ukrainian and Jewish diaspora communities of Canada. I will explore the conflicting beliefs of Ukrainians and Jews rooted in Eastern Europe and discuss the ways in which these beliefs were perpetuated to become normative perspectives that have been emphasized repeatedly, provoking mutual recrimination and public controversies. More specifically my examination will focus on the post-Second World War period in Canada and the issue of Nazi war criminals within the Ukrainian community. This issue was played out most intensely through the Commission of Inquiry on Nazi War Criminals, led by the late Justice Jules Deschenes. During the course of its investigations the inquiry exposed deeply ingrained fault lines between Ukrainian and Jewish Canadians which linger to this day and continue to undermine relations between them. The persistence of largely negative stereotypical images of the other in both communities has had, in my view, debilitating consequences within Canadian society. Exploring how those prejudicial notions came to be, and have influenced political and social life in the larger Canadian context, is how I will contribute to the scholarly literature on Canadian ethnic and immigration history. Furthermore, perhaps my research can assist in ameliorating a festering problem between two of Canada's oldest ethnocultural communities, groups that were not always bound together by controversy, nor should be.

I will be working under the supervision of Dr. Walker.

Teaching Assistant

HIST 253: History of Public Policy
HIST 296: The Making of the Muslim Middle East

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000