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History courses offered for May 2014

  • HIST 274 / 3.0 Cultural History of Modern France
    France – May 2014

    This course will be an intensive exploration of the political, social, economic, technological, scientific, literary, and artistic components that fashioned notions of progress, modernity, and contemporaneity in France from 1750 to the present. Our lessons will be structured as discussion, debates, and on-site activities in order to take full advantage of the French cultural milieu within the cities we will visit wich will mainly be Paris, Avignon, Nice, and surrounding areas. Our main objective is to gain insight into the complex notion of culture by experiencing first hand the concrete factors that condition and produce it, and the tangible manifestations that define it. We will address such overarching themes as French notions of identity based on language, sociability, conceptions of  private and public spaces, and individualism. Through a chronological rather than thematic approach we will engage in a journey of living-history as we witness the cultural landmarks that have shaped modern France.

    Prerequisite: Level 2 or above.


  • HIST 255 / 3.0 Renaissance and Reformation Europe
    Italy –  May 2014

    A survey of the social, cultural, political and intellectual life of Europe in the Renaissance and Reformation. Topics to be discussed include humanism, secularism, printing, and exploration; war and the early modern state; prophecy, heresy, and dissent; popular culture; sex, marriage, and family life; witch hunts, panics, and magic; and the impact of the Reformation and the Counter–Reformation.

    Prerequisite Level 2 or above.



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