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Department of History
Department of History

FAQs: Course Selection for History Majors and Medials

Please consult our Programmes of Study section as you consider your courses for next year.

It includes the history plan requirements as well as the typical patterns. We also suggest that all students consult their "advisement report." You can access this on Solus by going to "my academics" and clicking on the "generate advisement report." This will tell you which plan requirements you have fulfilled, and which plan requirements must still be satisfied. Please note that any courses you are enrolled in (marked by a yellow diamond) as well as any courses put in your shopping cart (marked by a blue star) will count towards your requirements. Be sure to empty your shopping cart of courses you do not get into, or decide not to take, to ensure that your advisement report accurately reflects your plans for next year. Please see the following Q&As for answers to specific questions. If you email us with further questions, be sure to include your student number.

I'm a second year history major or medial student.  What history courses do I need to take next year?

All second year history majors or medials MUST take ONE of our Core Seminars (HIST 300-329), worth 6.0 units. This fulfills requirement 1B on your advisement report, and is the most important course you will take next year. Your core seminar determines whether you can go on to upper level seminars, and you must achieve a grade of C+ or higher to register in upper level seminars in years 3 and 4 and complete your degree. Students are only permitted to take one core seminar. We suggest you put your desired core seminar in your shopping cart first and then add your other courses.  Please be sure to "VALIDATE" your shopping cart. Please note that several of our core seminars are offered in a hybrid format, with the first half offered in conjunction with a 200 level lecture class and the second half offered as a full seminar. Although you will be in the same classroom as students registered in the lecture class, you are not in the lecture class, but the core seminar, and it is not possible to switch from one to the other after open enrollment. Also note that the first and second terms of these courses are NOT OFFERED AT THE SAME TIME.  Fall is scheduled for 2 x 1.5 hours and Winter will be in a 3 hour slot. For the typical patterns of history students see Typical Patterns

I am confused about the Canadian content requirement on my advisement report (4A). If I take a Canadian history course will it only count here, or will it also fulfill requirements in sections 1 and 2?

Any Canadian history course you take will count towards your plan requirements in sections 1 and 2 of your report (depending on the course) AS WELL AS section 4A of your advisement report.

I took a first year history course, and it is counting in 1A. Should it not also count in 2B?

No. With the exception of section 4 (additional requirements), courses cannot count twice. Your first year course should count towards 1A, and only if you take a second first year course will it go into 2B.

Which courses count towards my Canadian content requirement?

Please see our Canadian Content List


Rev: July 2017