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Department of History
Department of History


When do I register for my courses?

Registration takes place between 10 July and 18 July - you will need to wait for your scheduled appointment time. Students can view their appointment time time on July 4 on SOLUS. We encourage all students to put the courses they would like in their shopping cart prior to their appointment time and to VALIDATE their choices. This will alert you to any missing pre-requisites, timetabling conflicts or other problems.  Successful validation does not ensure enrollment in the class but simply means you are eligible to enroll in the class. During your Appointment Time you will need to click the "enrollment" button at which time you will find out if there is space in the class.

How do I register in an Internship?

Please see Interships

How do I register for a full year course?

This year, SOLUS has been reconfigured, and you only need to register for the fall term of a full year course. You will be put into the winter term automatically. Please note that you will no longer be able to use the "swap" function with full year courses, and if you wish to change your course selection you may need to drop the course before adding another one. You are able to swap one term courses on Solus.

Why can't I find all history courses from the Arts and Science Calendar Timetabled on Solus?

In any given year we offer a wide but not exhaustive range of courses from the course calendar.  The list of courses we are offering for 2017-18 is available on our history website.  Only these courses are timetabled and will be on Solus under class search.

What do I do if the course I want is full?

If the class is full you can continue to attempt to enroll in the course from your appointment time until July 28. You will have another chance to get into the class during the second session of "Open Enrollment" which begins August 22nd.

Does the Department of History have waiting lists?

Yes, The Department of History does have waiting lists for our lectures on Solus (Lectures are numbered between 200-299.)

How do I find History courses that have space available?

Do "Class Search" on Solus with the following criteria:

Term:  2017 Fall or 2018 Winter
Course Subject: History
Course Career: Undergrad [for online courses: select "Distance Studies"]
Check mark - "Show open classes only"

Please remember that seminars from 300-329 are reserved for 2nd year History Majors and Medials. History 330-499 are reserved for third and fourth year Majors and Medials.

Which courses count towards my Canadian content requirement?

Please see Canadian Content List


Rev: July 2017