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Queen's University

Advanced Course Selection

When will I find out the results of Advanced Course Selection?

The results of advanced course selection have now been entered into Solus. You should be able to see which course or courses you were registered in by logging into Solus and looking at your 2015 fall and 2016 winter schedules. If you have any questions, please read through the information below before contacting us.

When I go onto Solus, it looks like there is still space in one of the seminars I selected but did not get into. Why?

This year, a number of our half year and full year undergraduate seminars are being offered as combined undergraduate/graduate courses. These courses have fewer seats available for undergraduate students, and thus may appear on Solus to still have space, but those spots are currently reserved for graduate students. By the time registration begins, it will be clear whether there are any additional spaces left in these classes or not (if the undergraduate section – 4xx – is full, then there is no more space for undergraduate students).

I participated in Advanced Course Selection but do not appear to be registered in any courses. Why?

There are three reasons why your selection may not appear. First, you may have been deemed ineligible for upper level seminars (you need to have received C+ in your core seminar). Second, there might be a hold on your account (for unpaid accounts), in which case we were not able to enrol you in your course. Finally, there may have been an error, in which case you should contact us (after checking to ensure that there is no hold on your account).

I was put into a course which I no longer want to take. What should I do?

You can drop the course yourself during your appointment time. We will not do this for you, nor can we put you into another course in its stead. You will be able to register yourself in other courses during your appointment time.

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