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Department of History
Department of History

History Credit Options in Other Departments for Majors and Medials

In the course list of the Arts and Science Calendar there is a complete list (page 174) of courses in other departments at Queen's that may be substituted for courses in History. Although we accept certain courses from Queen's (Classics 101, for example), we don't accept Classics (etc) courses from other universities towards the Queen's History concentration. We cannot accept courses not found on this list toward History credit, no matter how 'historical' the course may appear.

Up to 6 units from this list may be applied, automatically, toward your major or medial in place of 6 units of 200 level lecture courses. Approved substitutions will continue to be listed on your transcript as CLST or THEO or PHIL (for example), but they will be recognized by the History Dept. (and by SOLUS) toward your HIST plan without you having to do anything at all--AS LONG AS THE COURSE(S) APPEARS ON THE LIST IN THE ARTS AND SCIENCE CALENDAR (see link above).

Note that 100 level history substitutes cannot be used alongside a second 100 level history course: a total of 6 units from history substitutes and a second 100 level history course COMBINED may be applied towards your plan.

Courses that are not on the list, even though they may appear to cover historical topics, cannot be counted for history credit. We are constrained by what is officially recognized in the Arts and Science calendar.

The only approved non-History courses that fulfill the upper-level seminar requirement are:

CLST 341; PHIL 341; THEO 645; THEO 646