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Queen's University

Admission to History / Criteria for Continuing in History

All students who wish to pursue a degree in History must request a History plan ('concentration' in the old terminology) and must be approved by the Department. Students are to select (request) their plan concentration at the end of first year. Application to the plan takes place in May of each year as part of the registration process. The number of qualified applicants, especially for the major and medial, may exceed the number of available spaces. As a result, the minimum grade required for admission to the history major or medial may vary from year to year, depending on the size and strength of that year's applicant pool. Based on past experience a grade of B- will secure admission to the program.

Students who are accepted to the history major or medial plans receive first priority for spaces in seminar courses. History minors and students with plans other than history will only be admitted under exceptional circumstances, on a space-available basis, after all majors and medials have been accommodated, which usually means late in the September add/drop period.

Admission to seminar courses in your third year requires a grade of C+ or above in your Year 2 core seminar (HIST 300-329).

The Seminar System

History Majors and Medials at Queen's are required to take about two-fifths of their courses in seminars, limited-enrollment courses that demand active class participation and extensive essay-writing. By ensuring close contact between the student and the instructor, seminar courses provide an enhanced educational experience. Many students view the seminar system as the single most important reason for choosing a history concentration. History minors and students in other concentrations do not normally take history seminars.

Seminar types and requirements are as follows:

Core seminars (Hist 300-329). Normally taken in second year.

Normally reserved for second-year History Major/Medials. History Minors and students in other concentrations are not permitted to pre-register for these courses.

330-499 level seminars: May be taken either in third or fourth year. Open only to History Majors/Medials. No student is permitted to exceed 3.0 credits in this range without departmental permission. This is rare.

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