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Welcome to your Learning Catalogue! Are you seeking to sharpen your skills, to deepen your knowledge, or to explore new career opportunities? Whatever your training objectives are, we are here to help you reach your personal and professional goals.

You can register for individual workshops and lunch & learn sessions as well as for one or more of our Certificate Programs. Refreshments will be served at all half-day and full-day workshops.

New Employees

Please register for one of our New Staff Orientation sessions. These 3-hour sessions are held once a month from September to June. Get information about Queen's resources and services, HR benefits, and hear guest speakers from various departments across campus.

New Offerings!

  • Mental Health Awareness and Response
  • Positive Space
  • Performance Management: Manager's Session
  • Preparing for Your Annual Review: Employee Session
  • Lunch & Learn: Understanding you Pension Statement
  • Lunch & Learn: Resiliency in the Workplace

  • If you have any questions or would like to discuss an idea for a new workshop give us a call. We value your feedback and continually strive to improve our learning offerings to ensure they are meeting your needs. Please contact Shannon Hill, Learning and Development Specialist, at extension 74175 or email at

    Wellness Programs

    In addition to our professional development offerings we have an extensive list of wellness and fitness sessions offered in partnership with Queen's Athletics & Recreation. We recognize the importance of work-life balance and strive to provide staff with accessible and inexpensive programs that give you opportunities to have fun and get fit at work.

    How to register

    Please Note: If you register for a certificate program, you also have to register for and complete the required workshops. The required workshops will be offered between September and June and will be repeated in subsequent years. You do not have to complete your certificate in one year.

    C E R T I F I C A T E   P R O G R A M S
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    Administrative Professionals @ Queen's Master Certificate -APAQM

    This certificate is designed for administrative and support staff aspiring to broaden their career path within Queens. The certificate bridges the APAQ certificate, provides administrative staff who h...
    Administrative Professionals at Queen's -APAQ

    Are you a Departmental or Administrative Assistant who would like to enhance your skills? Are you somebody who aspires to those jobs and wants to build the foundation of the essential skills to prepar...
    Certificate in International Perspectives -CIP

    The Certificate in International Perspectives is offered jointly by Queen's Human Resources and Queen's University International Centre (QUIC). All staff are eligible to register in the certificate p...
    Certificate in Workplace Communications -CWC

    The ability to communicate is critical to everyone in an organization. Effective interaction with co-workers, managers, students and internal and external "customers" is based on sound communication techniques. This certificate program will enable employees to improve their written, verbal, non-verbal and interpersonal communication at work.
    From Diversity to Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate -DIW

    Building an inclusive environment that promotes diversity and inclusion requires active participation of everyone on campus. This certificate program consists of 6 core courses, 2 electives, and 2 onl...

    L E A R N I N G   C A T A L O G U E
    Workshop Details     Offered
    Accommodation: Disability, Faith, Gender and More - DIW

    The course offering is an introduction to the elements of workplace accommodation. Participants will learn to identify the elements of a good workplace accommodation policy; discrimination in workplace culture, practices, policies, and procedures; workplace barriers to the full participation of persons from equity groups; and the essential elements of return to work programs. Participants will gain foundational knowledge of the current meaning and context of workplace accommodation and how to ensure appropriate accommodation. This workshop will draw upon real-life scenarios so that the participants understand the pivotal role they can play in recognizing and implementing the concept of accommodation in their workplace.
    Advanced Customer Service: Dealing with Difficult Situations (Core) - APAQ

    Providing good customer service can be challenging and is an essential skill for everyone that works with the public. This workshop will provide you with strategies and approaches to enhance your existing customer service knowledge. Topics will include communication essentials as they apply to customer service, the importance of knowing your own communication style, the role of emotions, re-framing, and seeing situations from the customers perspective.
    An Introduction to the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) - CIP

    The IDI is a tool used to give a person an impression of his or her intercultural competence. Prior to this workshop participants will be asked to complete a 50 question online survey. In the workshop they will learn about the theory that supports the IDI, and they will be presented with the group’s results or IDI Profile. They will also learn what the results indicate about the intercultural strengths they possess as well as the challenges they may face – and how to meet those challenges in a positive way. After the session, each participant will receive her or his personal profile electronically and have the opportunity to discuss it with the facilitator one-on-one if desired.
    Anti-Oppression in the Workplace (Elective) - DIW

    Equity seeking groups in Canada have long experienced various forms of oppression. Some oppressions, like physical brutality, may be direct and easily observable. Others are less easy to detect but nevertheless have a great impact on peoples feelings of dignity, welcome and value. Each of us has a positive role to play in creating communities and workplaces that are anti-oppressive for all people, but particularly those most affected by inequity. At the end of this session, participants will be able to define oppression as it relates to equity seeking groups in Canada, identify various forms of oppression and the ways in which they are sustained by institutional, political, economic, cultural and other power structures, identify everyday ways in which non-target group members experience advantages as a result of continued oppressions, and develop strategies for ongoing reflection on, and practice of, anti-oppression in the workplace, in service delivery, and in our interpersonal relationships.
    Anti-racism 101 (Elective) - DIW

    Anti-racism training and education is based on the fact that racism exists, it is pervasive, and is manifested in a variety of forms. This workshop will help us to understand the dynamics of racism in our society, institutions, and daily lives and share approaches for working together to fight racism.
    Assertive Interpersonal Communication - CWC

    Assertive communication is a fundamental skill in the workplace and is critical to creating an open communication climate. Assertive techniques can be used in any type of interpersonal communication. This workshop will cover various communication styles and the characteristics of open versus closed communication climates, the five components of an assertive message, determining when to use an assertive communication style, giving constructive feedback appropriately, and getting feedback and criticism without becoming defensive. Fee: $50
    Best Practices (Core) - APAQ

    A strong internal control environment helps an organization to efficiently and effectively meet its objectives while ensuring compliance to applicable laws, regulations and policies. During this interactive session, participants will learn about roles and responsibilities with regards to maintaining internal controls at Queen's as well as tips for preventing and detecting fraud in the workplace. This session will also highlight some of the recent policy and process changes at the university and discuss how these impact internal controls.
    Best Practices in Managing your Human Resources (Elective) - APAQM

    Best practices are organizational structures, cultures and systems that set the benchmark standards of excellence for others to follow. Learn some of the best HR practices from Queens HR staff that can help you in creating and maintaining a highly satisfied and motivated work force.
    Bridging the Generation Gap at Work (Elective) - APAQ

    Each generation of people is different in important ways. How can we make this an advantage in today's workplace? The key to working effectively with different generations is developing an understanding of generational influences, values, and what motivates people. Learning to appreciate and utilize this diversity in a positive way can enhance our workplace. In this workshop, we explore the characteristics and strengths of each generation and develop strategies for improving communication and multi-generation team performance.
    Build More Effective Relationships - One Relationship at a Time (Core) - APAQM

    Participants discover their DiSC styles and learn how their style affects workplace priorities and relationships. Everything DiSC Workplace can be used with everyone in an organization, regardless of title or role, to improve the quality of the workplace.
    Building Inclusive and Accessible Workplaces - DIW

    This workshop will familiarize participants with the purpose and mandate of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA), along with how the AODA intersects with other key pieces of legislation. Participants will recognize barriers to access and gain a better understanding of what accessibility means in the Queen's context and what they can do towards achieving a barrier-free and inclusive workplace. Key principles, concepts, and the positive impact of fostering inclusive and accessible workplaces will be explored through group discussions, exercises, and case studies. In addition, strategies around best practice approaches for creating an accessible workplace for persons with disabilities, as well as methods for measuring the success of accessibility strategies will be shared.
    Business Meeting & Event Planning (Elective) - APAQM

    Learn the steps to plan a successful event, regardless of size. Discover tools (checklists, timelines, etc.) to use for various types of events and meetings. Identify external sources and services and learn how technology is used in event & meeting planning.
    Business Writing Basics - CWC

    Would you like to improve your basic writing skills and brush up on grammar, punctuation, and spelling in an informal and supportive learning environment? Then participate in this session facilitated by Queen's writing centre staff.
    Business Writing Essentials (Core) - APAQM

    This workshop will help you to enhance your written communication skills by focusing on two types of business writing that Queens staff members frequently create(letters and proposals). At this session, you will learn about different approaches to both of these kinds of writing and be provided with models of clear and concise letters and strong proposals. You will also have the opportunity to discuss and practice writing strategies that you can use in a variety of business situations.
    Communication: Styles & Stumbling Blocks (Core) - CWC - APAQ

    To work effectively with others, we must communicate in a way which promotes understanding and cooperation. Come to this workshop and gain insights into the communication process, your own communication style, and some of the barriers to successful communication.
    Constructive Conflict Resolution - CWC

    You can be more effective in handling conflict by understanding the role of conflict in interpersonal relations and learning strategies to handle difficult behaviours and situations. This interactive workshop will focus on the nature of conflict - definition, myths and benefits; types; personal conflict styles; managing conflict assertively; and methods of conflict resolution. Fee: $50
    Delivering & Receiving Constructive Feedback (Elective) - APAQM

    (formally titled How to Give & Receive Constructive Feedback) Constructive criticism is helpful for professional growth and development. However, criticism, even if well-intentioned, can be perceived as an unfavourable judgement. In this workshop you will learn that constructive feedback is information-specific; issue-focused and observation based. You will learn concrete strategies, steps, insights and tips for delivering valid, constructive, positive and critical feedback. This session also will provide you with the necessary skills to receive constructive feedback effectively such as being open, embracing the uncomfortableness of receiving feedback; not taking it personally; not arguing back; looking at the big picture; and soliciting feedback from multiple sources.
    Delivering Business Presentations with Style & Confidence(Core)(3 Part Workshop) - APAQM

    Discover techniques and strategies for designing & delivering presentations and the use of instructional techniques. Participants will practice skills through a working session and mock presentations. Develop an action plan based on video tape and peer feedback. NOTE: this is a 3 part session. The first session is the workshop; Part II consists of a working session; Part III is the presentation session. The first offering will be held on Oct 21, 2014. Part II will be on Oct 28, 2014. Part III is scheduled for Nov 5, 2014. Winter Sessions are held May 7, 14, and 21 2015.
    Diversity at Queen's (Core) - APAQ

    As our campus becomes ever more international, increasing our knowledge of 'cultural competencies' will enable us to work respectfully and effectively with students and faculty from around the world. This workshop is presented in partnership with the International Centre and the Human Rights Office and includes legislation information, scenarios, and the opportunity to interact and share perspectives with international students.
    E-Mails @ Work (Core) - APAQ - CWC

    E-Mail messages are rapidly becoming a dominant form of written communication, yet few people have ever received formal training in this medium. You will learn how to master e-mail conventions such as jargon and etiquette, project a professional image, simplify your e-mail by choosing the right words and cutting 'fat', build better e-mail messages sentence by sentence, write persuasive e-mails that encourage people to act quickly, and structure your e-mail messages for impact. Fee: $50
    Education Abroad: Opportunities and Experiences - CIP

    Participants will learn about the various study abroad opportunities that Queen's students have. They will learn not only what inspires a student to add an international experience to her or his degree, but also how the experience can change a student and what they can potentially bring back to campus to enhance the international/intercultural environment.
    Effective Communication: Influencing Colleagues & Supervisors (Core) - APAQM

    Assess your assertiveness style and utilize this information to develop skills needed to express yourself directly and honestly. Learn techniques to communicate concisely (say more with fewer words), identify the actual issue and focus the dialogue, and understand your audience and tailor your communication appropriately.
    Effective Presentation Skills (Core) (Two-Part Workshop) - CWC

    The ability to speak in front of a roomful of strangers or your peers, and present ideas and information in an engaging and interesting way, is one of the most important business skills you can acquire. Yet many people avoid making presentations because they believe they cannot overcome their nervousness or fear. This two-part program provides practical techniques for giving more effective presentations. Topics include planning and organizing your presentation, effective delivery methods, visual aids, and overcoming nervousness. You will have the opportunity to practice these skills and receive supportive feedback in a non-threatening environment. Fall Term: Part One Nov 6, 2014; Part Two Nov 27, 2014. Winter Term: Part One Jan 13, 2015; Part Two Jan 27, 2015
    Emotional Intelligence (Core) - APAQM

    Assess your own emotional intelligence quotient and learn about the four abilities of Emotional Intelligence. Discover positive techniques to build and strengthen your own and your team's emotional intelligence and learn the value of emotional intelligence to you and the organization and the skills to influence, inspire and motivate others.
    Employment Equity: Moving Beyond Compliance - DIW

    The purpose of this introductory workshop is to create awareness of employment equity legislation and the requirements and practical application of the Employment Equity Act and Federal Contractor's Program. Key principles, concepts and the impact of building equitable, inclusive workplaces will be explored through group discussions and participant centered activities. In addition, strategies around best practice approaches for creating an inclusive workplace for members of equity seeking groups, as well as methods for measuring the success of inclusion strategies in applying this legislation will be shared.
    Expanding the Circle: Including Aboriginal Cultures in the Workplace - DIW

    This workshop will provide you with the information and strategies you need to build effective and positive relationships in the workplace. The workshop's focus is to create understanding, awareness, and knowledge of Aboriginal peoples that will allow you to enhance the relationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people within our community. It will highlight the benefits of workplace diversity and inclusion of Aboriginal-centric approaches in the workplace. The workshop will include information such as: terminology, stereotypes, populations, statistics, history and rights, cultural approaches, and social and workplace realities.
    Finance 101: Your Introduction to Financial Services (Elective) - APAQ

    Get started and get connected! If you are new to your administrative role, your orientation starts here. Meet the team and learn what core activities and services we provide. Get core information relating to the University general ledger structure and fiscal year. Learn how important timelines and cut-off dates can assist you in your planning. Get the facts on approvals, signing authority, policies and procedures. Receive a Quick Guide to assist you with knowing where to turn when you need help.
    Finance 201: Why What You Do Matters (Core) - APAQM

    This module is designed to aid participants in gaining a more comprehensive understanding of why accurate departmental financial information is important. Those attending will be introduced to analyzing financial information from various strategic points of view and develop skills to go beyond just the numbers. An overview of how individual departments fit into the University picture and how these results are communicated will be provided.
    Gaining Competence in an Intercultural Workplace - CWC - CIP

    (Formally titled An Introduction to Intercultural Communication) In this one-day workshop, participants will consider the characteristics of an intercultural workplace and some of the knowledge and skills that will help them function more effectively in it. They will be introduced to common metaphors and theoretical dimensions of culture, as well as theory of how intercultural competence develops. They will be exposed to intercultural strategies and learn and practise at least one skill that can help make intercultural interactions more successful. Participants will increase their awareness of the characteristics of an intercultural workplace, consider some established definitions of culture, be introduced to a common metaphor, the Iceberg, for culture and how it can help us understand the complexities of culture, learn about some of the theoretical dimensions of culture, including those affecting how we communicate, deal with conflict, and make decisions, learn a method, Describe, Interpret, Evaluate, that can help us be more effective in intercultural interactions, learn about the theory Intercultural Development Continuum that shows how individuals develop their intercultural competence.
    Global Opportunities (Core) - APAQM

    Increase your awareness of our obligations and responsibilities as a diverse environment, both within Queens and the Kingston community. Learn about Queens strategic plan and the Principal's Third Juncture document and how global opportunities are essential to this vision. Learn about Queen's current demographics and what this diversity means and why it is important for administrative staff to know. Discover the opportunities & resources available to staff to explore their own global mindset.
    Helping People Work More Effectively in Teams (Elective) - APAQM

    Successful team members don't do the same thing at the same time. They do the right thing at the right time. And while team members work together toward a common goal, individuals still must play their separate parts in the process. As organizations rely more on teams to innovate, problem solve, produce, and compete at the speed of change, understanding and capitalizing on individual approaches to group processes is the bottom line on creating high-performance teams. Utilize the Team Dimensions Profile and its unique Z Process to help you meet the team challenge. It's a proven way to clarify roles, simplify processes, and maximize individual contributions for total team results.
    How to Plan an Event on Campus

    Queens Event Services offers a full spectrum of professional event management services on campus. This workshop will provide participants with knowledge of available campus services and practical advice and tips from the experts at Queen's Event Services on how to successfully plan your events.
    HR - Recruitment Boot Camp: Setting the Stage for Success!

    Recruitment Boot Camp, designed for hiring managers, provides the framework for the acquisition of talent into the University and sets the stage for a proficient, consistent approach to hiring in our environment. This program explores the multi-step decision processes that occur when bringing individuals into the University through the three stages of acquiring talent: Recruitment, Interviewing, and Selection. Benefits include: improve your overall employee selection approach, practice behavioural based interviewing techniques, develop skills as an interviewer, learn how to ask competency based questions, avoid interviewer biases and errors and practice the art of note taking.
      not offered this term
    Human Rights, Queen's and You - DIW

    The term "human rights" can mean many different things to different people. Often when people think of "human rights", faraway struggles for freedom from state persecution are the images that come to mind. Yet, human rights are as much an issue for people here as they are for people around the globe. What are our human rights? Where do they come from? How do they relate to our everyday lives and, more specifically, to the Queen's workplace? This full day interactive session will trace the origins of our contemporary human rights system, explore what Queen's policies say about human rights in the workplace, review basic principles of workplace fairness and respect, generate and share approaches to addressing human rights issues in the workplace.
    Interviews: Mastering the Technique

    Do you know how to prepare for an interview? Do you want to feel more in control during interviews? The ability to shine in an interview requires many skills that need to be learned as well as practiced to become proficient. As an essential component of the recruitment process, mastering the interview can increase your chances of getting that dream job! In this workshop we will cover the following topics; how to prepare for an interview, the different ways interviews can be structured, how to answer those difficult questions, and what an employer can and can’t ask you. We will also give you an opportunity to practice interview questions in a supportive environment.
    It's About Time (Core) - APAQ

    Time management is a process of constantly asking what is more important and arranging priorities to reflect each choice. In this workshop, you will increase your awareness of your attitude toward time, learn several time management tips, discover some techniques to avoid procrastinating, and learn how to set goals and develop action plans.
    Learn and Use your Strengths

    This session involves a pre-workshop free online strengths assessment at During the facilitated session you will learn what character strengths are and how to use them to greater effectiveness. You will learn: 1. What strengths are and what they are not. 2. The benefits of VIA Character Strengths as an assessment tool. 3. How to utilize your strengths every day. 4. How to create a strengths plan to help you flourish personally and professionally.
    Learning to Listen - CWC

    Improving listening skills can benefit all of us, both in our personal and professional lives. What are your strengths? Where do you need to 'grow' in terms of your listening skills? Find out at this workshop, which focuses on listening skills rather than listening styles.
    Lunch & Learn: Ask a Dietitian

    Are you getting all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals each day? Calcium for women, what are the facts? Eating for two, baby and you? Vegetarian, diet can it be balanced? Bring your questions and ask a registered dietician! You will also be provided with great cookbook ideas and information you can take with you!
    Lunch & Learn: Financial Tips

    Looking for advice on managing your money? Looking for effective ways to manage your credit card debt? This session will give you some tips on managing your money for today and saving for tomorrow.
    Lunch & Learn: Foundations of Positive Parenting

    This practical and interactive session provides participants with the principles and tools of positive parenting focused on children's skills in social development and well-being. Participants will also get an opportunity to review and discuss strategies for bringing positive parenting into the home
    Lunch & Learn: Healthy BBQ

    Hamburgers and Hot dogs are not the only thing you can cook on a Bar-b-que. Try Grill vegetables, roast, drunken chicken and more. Learn some easy, flavourful healthy recipes that you can cook on the Bar-b-que. BBQ season has arrived so spark up the BBQ and get cooking healthy!
    Lunch & Learn: Identifying & Responding to Students in Distress

    Queens offers a variety of programs and sessions on mental health awareness, as well as opportunities to develop skills and a better understanding of this health field. One program that has been developed at Queens is: IDENTIFYING AND RESPONDING TO STUDENTS IN DISTRESS Session Focus 1. Awareness-raising (basic information about mental health, incidence of mental health problems among students, behaviours of concern, how to respond, with a particular emphasis on students in crisis) 2. Developing awareness of resources on-campus and local and how to access these quickly for consultation or direct service Mike Condra, Ph.D., Director of Health, Counselling & Disability Services will be offering this session. Mike is Assistant Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry and Director of Health, Counselling and Disability Services at Queens. Mike is familiar with the mental health concerns of university students through his work as a counsellor. He is an instructor in the Department of Psychology and an experienced workshop presenter on many topics, including Crisis Intervention, Mental Health First Aid and the Assessment of Suicide Risk.
    Lunch & Learn: Retirement Planning

    You have a vision for your retirement. But do you know how much your retirement pay cheque will be? OR how much you will need? OR how to ensure your retirement income will last for all your retirement years? Presented by a certified financial planner.
      not offered this term
    Lunch & Learn: Stress Busters & Relaxation-Finding your off Switch

    Each day we all have to deal with stress from work, family, relationships, and just plain life! Let Tara walk you through some yoga postures, breathing and meditation techniques that will help you release stress from mind and body, and create calm and concentration. Feel the difference even a short relaxation can make to your day! Bring your own mat, or mats provided.
      not offered this term
    Lunch & Learn: Stress Busters - Mini Retreat Solutions

    Today's life is fast paced with less time just to de-stress. Greater pressure is being put on all of us to do more. The result is that many of us have lost the ability to sit still and simply be with ourselves. This session will explore your personal stress triggers and review some practical, easy techniques to make brief relaxation moments a natural part of your everyday life.
    Lunch & Learn: The Emotional Effects of Retirement

    Planning to retire can be a source of both excitement and anxiety. Whatever the emotional response, retirement marks a transition to a new life stage and lifestyle in which daily routines, identity and roles all change. This session will introduce participants to the emotional effects of retirement. Participants will get an opportunity to reflect on what their ideal retirements looks like and what they can do to make it happen.
    Lunch & Learn: The Fundamentals of Change & Transition

    Change is a fact of life, but letting go of the familiar can be challenging. When we understand the need for change, and are resourced to manage it, we transition with greater ease. Participants in this session explore strategies, frameworks, self-care tools, and resources to navigate the change process successfully.
    Lunch & Learn: The Journey to Wellness - One Step at a Time

    Many of us use the beginning of a new year to renew our commitment to living a healthier lifestyle, but how often are these resolutions kept? This session examines what wellness means and provides simple steps to help participants set their own health goals and keep them on track for achieving their personal definitions of wellness.
    Lunch & Learn: The Secrets for Affording Retirement

    You have a vision for your retirement. But do you know how much your retirement pay cheque will be? OR how much you will need? OR how to ensure your retirement income will last for all your retirement years?
    Lunch & Learn: Understanding Your Pension Statement

    Bring your pension statement and review the key sections with Queens pension specialist, Bob Weisnagel. He will explain annual contributions, early and normal retirement projections, biographical data, and then open it up for Q&A.
    Lunch & Learn: Wellness & You-Lifestyle choices that make a difference

    The lifestyle choices we make effect who we are and how we feel. Let us show you some simple options with exercise, food, family and day to day decisions that are easy and fun to incorporate into your life.
    Lunch Time Learning Session: Lying in the Workplace

    As a manager/supervisor of union or non-union employees, you may face a situation where you suspect that an employee has been dishonest with you. This session is designed to assist managers/supervisors in understanding what constitutes dishonest conduct and when dishonesty can irreparably damage the employment relationship.
      not offered this term
    Lunch Time Learning Session: Technology at Work Whose iPhone is it Anyway?

    As a manager/supervisor of union or non-union employees, you may face a situation where you suspect an employee is misusing a University issued computer/smartphone or posting inappropriate material on social media. This session is designed to give managers insight as to when an employees use of technology, both in and outside of the workplace, provides the employer with a reasonable basis for concern.
      not offered this term
    Lunchtime Learning Session: Bullying in the Workplace

    As a manager/supervisor of union or non-union employees, you may face a situation where you suspect an employee is either engaging in bullying behaviour in the workplace or is the victim of such behaviour. This session is designed to inform managers of what workplace bullying is, why it occurs, conduct and behaviours to be aware of, and the steps to take should an employee raise a complaint of workplace bullying. The Employee and Labour Relations Unit is pleased to be offering this session in collaboration with Dr. Wendy Craig from the Department of Psychology. Dr. Craig is a Professor in the Department of Psychology at Queens University and an international leader in research on bullying. Together with Dr. Debra Pepler, Dr. Craig is leading PREVNet (Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence Network), a Networks of Centres of Excellence. Drs. Craig and Pepler have worked together for 20 years addressing issues of bullying and aggression. Dr. Craigs research program focuses on three areas: healthy relationships among children, adolescents, and adults; the risk and protective factors associated with bullying and victimization; and the development of aggression in females as demonstrated in romantic relationships. Dr. Craig has co-authored two books on Juvenile Delinquency and Social Development, as well as numerous book chapters and over 100 articles. As a Canadian representative, Dr. Craig works with the World Health Organization and UNICEF conducting research and promoting healthy relationships. In recognition of her work on bullying and victimization, Dr. Craig won an Investigator Award from the Canadian Institute of Health Research. She also received the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canadas Impact Award, which recognizes a SSHRC-funded research for outstanding achievement in advancing research, training, or developing new partnerships. She regularly speaks to parents and educators.
      not offered this term
    Lunchtime Learning Session: Dealing with Violence in the Workplace

    As a manager/supervisor of union or non-union employees, you may face a situation where there is either violence or the threat of violence in the workplace, either between employees or between an employee and someone from their personal life. This is session is designed to inform managers of the different types of workplace violence, including domestic violence, what steps to take to help keep employees safe in the workplace and to gain a more in depth understanding of Bill 168. The Employee and Labour Relations Unit is pleased to be offering this session in collaboration with our colleagues from the Security Office.
      not offered this term
    Lunchtime Learning Session: Lessons from the Jian Ghomeshi Investigation

    On April 13, 2015 the CBC released an investigation report by Janice Rubin, one of the foremost workplace investigators in Canada, into Mr. Ghomeshis alleged workplace misconduct and the organizations response. In this session, we will explore Ms. Rubins findings and the applications to you as a manager of union and/or non-union employees.
      not offered this term
    LunchTime Learning Session: When does managing cross into mistreating employees?

    As a manager/supervisor of union or non-union employees, you may have experienced an employee alleging that what you consider to be management is actually harassment. This session is designed to give managers insight on when management decisions fall under management rights and what behavior may cross the line into mistreatment/harassment.
      not offered this term
    Lunchtime Learning: New Policy/Procedures on Accommodation & Return to Work

    Queens University believes that the successful recovery of ill or injured employees depends on early intervention and assistance with the rehabilitation and return to work process. Queens University would like to be preventative and encourage options for accommodation to avoid required access to the sick leave benefit wherever possible. These statements of Policies and Procedures outline Queens Universitys commitment to assist in the employees return to their pre-disability job as soon as possible while ensuring that the University is satisfying its legal duty to accommodate employees at the workplace.
      not offered this term
    Managing Change (Core) - APAQ

    This workshop will help you recognize the impact of change on yourself and others. You will learn about the stages of change, the physical and psychological effects of change, and some strategies for dealing with change to ensure a successful transition to the new reality.
    Managing the Risks in International Education - CIP

    Participants will gain an understanding of the basic principles of risk management, including risk and responsibility and liability issues for outbound students and health and safety issues for incoming students. They will be introduced to the various risk management concepts which can be applied to Queen's programs and activities.
    Mental Health Issues: International Students at Queen's and Queen's Students Abr - CIP

    Participants will gain an understanding of mental health concerns that students on study-abroad programs or international students on campus might experience. The session will also provide information and some basic skills to help participants recognize the signs of mental health issues and respond in an appropriate manner so that students receive the help they need when they need it.
    New Staff Orientation

    The Human Resources Department wishes to invite all newly hired employees (General staff, CUPE Local 229, CUPE Local 254, CUPE Local 1302, Resarch Grant and Contract and Post Doctoral Fellows) to an orientation session. Please join us for an informative discussion that includes presentations from various University departments and services as well as essential human resources information.
    Organize your office so it works for you (Elective) - APAQ

    Is your office environment hindering your productivity and effectiveness? Are you trying to conform to other people's organizing styles? Do you know which organizing strategies work best for you? Attend this workshop to learn about organizing styles and discover strategies to help you get there. Taking the time to change your desk so it works for you can supercharge your productivity and effectiveness!
    Performance Management: Manager's Session

    Performance Management is a series of activities that enable ongoing dialogue between a manager and employee which aligns expectations, identifies significant performance data, provides ongoing feedback, plans development activities, assesses employee performance and provides a platform for coaching conversations. The workshop objectives include understanding the Performance Management Cycle, how to plan and hold a performance review meeting, delivering reinforcing and corrective feedback, setting objectives and goals, and creating a development plan.
    Personal Resilience

    Learn how to be more personally resilient in the face of difficulties. In this workshop you will learn: 1. What resilience is and the benefits of increased resilience. 2. How to do more than just bounce back from adversity. 3. How to be more aware of your own thinking traps - and how to get out of them. 4. When to apply resilient thinking skills and turn this skill into a life-long habit.
    Personality Dimensions®

    Personality Dimensions® - a new and exciting way of understanding ourselves and others. Personality Dimensions is a temperament instrument that was developed in Canada and is backed by empirically sound research. The workshop is highly interactive and fun! As a participant in this workshop, you will gain a deeper understanding of challenges and conflicts in your life, as well as an appreciation of the different preferences of other personality types. This deeper understanding will help you to value yourself and others, to gain new respect for differences, and to seek practical ways for improving interpersonal relations. Personality Dimensions® is a registered trademark of Career/Life Skills Resources Inc. used under license by Shannon Hill.
    Personality Type (MBTI) in Career Decision Making

    No matter what work you do, your personality influences your success, satisfaction and comfort on the job. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is one of the most valued assessment tools in the workplace today. Using the MBTI, you'll learn what's important in making your personality work for you in your career. Learn about yourself and better understand those who differ from you. MBTI requires an inventory that must be completed and submitted 1 week before the workshop.

    This body conditioning class is designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the body. Pilates targets the deep postural muscles within the body through a series of exercises aimed at building muscle strength and rebalancing the body. Excellent for improving posture, strength and flexibility and aligning the body correctly, Pilates also teaches coordination, concentration and control of the body. Spring classes run Mondays from April 6 to June 29(no class May 18). NOTE: The 12 week series costs $40. Payment must be received before classes start. Please make the payment at HR reception on the first floor of Fleming Hall, Stewart-Pollock Wing. The reception is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 4:30. Payment can be made by debit, MasterCard, or Visa.
    Positive Space

    The Positive Space program at Queens brings visibility and support to queer communities at Queens. Positive Space stickers posted at the entrance to work, living, or study areas encourage the Queens community to celebrate the gender and sexual diversity that exists on campus and to work to overcome subtle and overt forms of discrimination and harassment. Members of the Queens communitystaff, faculty, and studentscan become program participants by attending a Positive Space Information Session. The session includes an exploration of language and discussion of scenarios, to assure a shared level of familiarity with queer issues, local resources, and discrimination policies. At the end of the session, those who wish to become participants can register and receive a sticker to post.

    This training is designed for front-line staff who may encounter hostile or aggressive customers in the course of their duties. Designed to teach Participants to: recognize early warning signs of anger or hostility, effectively utilize personal space, body language and paraverbal communication to relieve tension and defuse hostility, employ verbal intervention strategies to de-escalate situations before they become more disruptive or potentially dangerous, maintain on objective and professional attitude when responding to an agitated individual, invoke four priorities essential to your organization's Violence Response Procedures, effectively debrief once Tension Reduction occurs
    Preparing for your Annual Review: Employee Session

    Performance Management is a series of activities that enable ongoing dialogue between a manager and employee which aligns expectations, identifies significant performance data, provides ongoing feedback, plans development activities, assesses employee performance and provides a platform for coaching conversations. During the workshop, we will discuss what performance management is, why it is important, roles and responsibilities, preparing for your review meeting, creating a development plan, materials and resources, and closing tips.
    Principles of Project Management (Core) - APAQ

    This workshop will focus on the technical and people factors which influence project success. You will learn how to plan projects, monitor progress and achieve desired results using tools and techniques to develop task lists, resource requirements and realistic project schedules. In addition, there will be a discussion on some of the people issues such as gaining cooperation and commitment, and leading effective project meetings. This is an interactive, hands-on workshop which includes small group activities and case studies. Fee: $50
    Purchasing in the Public Sector (Elective) - APAQ

    Learn the new rules for purchasing in the Ontario public sector. Did you know the Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive became effective on 1st April 2011? The Directive sets the legal rules for purchasing activities within the University, sets thresholds for tendering and has 25 mandatory requirements. Compliance is a necessity so knowledge of the new rules is essential. This session will be facilitated by Strategic Procurement Services and will provide you with the knowledge required to perform your regular purchasing tasks.
    Report Writing Fundamentals - CWC

    This workshop will cover the six steps for effective report writing, brainstorming techniques to speed up the writing process and tips for organizing your report. Fee: $50
    Sexual and Gender Violence and Harrassment in the Workplace (Elective) - DIW

    Like any other workplace in Ontario, Queens University has legal obligations to address issues of sexual harassment and violence in the workplace. This important session will provide participants with a clear understanding of the definition of sexual harassment along with examples of how it may occur within a workplace context. Through a stop action role play and case scenarios participants will have the opportunity to: practice first-response skills, learn strategies for making appropriate referrals to people experiencing sexual harassment or violence in the workplace, and learn how to initiate appropriate resolution processes to incidents of sexual violence. This session will be equally valuable for both employees and supervisors given our shared responsibilities to address harassment in the workplace.
    Social Media (Elective) - APAQM

    Learn what social media really is and what is isnt. Topics to include: the history and potential future of social media, the scope and uses of social media, how to use it appropriately and get the best benefit from it, getting buy-in from supervisors and users, and how to identify your audience
    Socio-cultural Competency and Workplace Integration (Elective) - DIW

    Canada is a pluralistic country with increasing rates of immigration and growth in the diversity of our population. Workplaces in Canada such as Queens are becoming increasingly multicultural and part of this diversity comes from welcoming more newcomer/international professionals. During the process of workplace integration is the unique experience newcomers specifically have the unique challenge of adapting their communication and social skills to the norms of the Canadian workplace. At times, this can be a challenging learning transition. Failure for newcomer professionals to develop effective workplace integration skills in a new culture can result in: social isolation, unsuccessful employment or academic experiences, discrimination, social anxiety, and social avoidance. On the other hand, when employees who are already established in Canadian workplaces fail to recognize how their own values and practices are cultural, unspoken assumptions about cultural superiority can result in unconsciously creating and unwelcoming even discriminatory work environments. Each of us has been shaped by our own culture(s). Socio-cultural competence awareness can help all employees become more conscious of their own cultural frames of reference, contribute to creating a positive and supportive work environment, and ease the workplace integration transition for international professionals.
    Staff Appreciation Day 2014-Discover the Agnes

    Take an art break at the Agnes. View a retrospective of major Canadian artist Kim Ondaatje, who lives in the Kingston region. See contemporary artists take on the environment in I hope humanity . . . Enjoy African art and the elegant atmosphere of Etherington House. Meet your tour guide at Reception.
      not offered this term
    Staff Appreciation Day 2014: ARC - Gentle Yoga

    Gentle yoga class for all levels, ideal to improve flexibility, strength, balance and relaxation. This is an all level class suitable for everyone.
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    Staff Appreciation Day 2014: ARC - Pilates

    This body conditioning class is designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the body. Pilates targets the deep postural muscles within the body through a series of exercises aimed at building muscle strength and rebalancing the body. Excellent for improving posture, strength and flexibility and aligning the body correctly, Pilates also teaches coordination, concentration and control of the body.
      not offered this term
    Staff Appreciation Day 2014: ARC - Spin

    This all-level group-cycle class mixes up strength and interval training to create a fun ride.
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    Staff Appreciation Day 2014: ARC - Stretch and Relaxation

    Each day we all have to deal with stress from work, family, relationships, and just plain life! Let Tara walk you through some yoga postures, breathing and meditation techniques that will help you release stress from mind and body, and create calm and concentration. Feel the difference even a short relaxation can make to your day! Bring your own mat, or mats provided.
      not offered this term
    Staff Appreciation Day 2014: Miller Musem

    Introduction to Geology (all age/grade levels) Learn about geology - the study of the Earth, during this engaging introduction to the various aspects of the science. An interactive overview of rocks, minerals, fossils and Earth processes illustrated with many touch samples (including a meteorite, a dinosaur bone, examples of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks and mineral ores) that are circulated around the group. Program delivery takes approximately 40 minutes, followed by 15-20 minutes of exploration time in the museum galleries featuring a dinosaur exhibit, and recently updated displays of minerals and rocks.
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    Staff Appreciation Day 2014: Phytotron

    Built in 1997, the Queen's University Phytotron includes 6 climate-controlled greenhouse zone and 26 environmental growth chambers, providing a controlled environment that our principle investigators, graduate students and Biology undergraduates use to maintain precise conditions for plant research and other applications. Some highlights of the tour include a conservatory housing more than 180 species of tropical plants, research trials on bioremediation of contaminated mining soils, and a variety of plant genomic trials aimed at improving our ability to sustain a growing population.
      not offered this term
    Staff Appreciation Day 2014: Summerhill/Benidickson House

    Summerhill and Benidickson House tours, (times) Summerhill is the oldest building on Queen's campus. The building was completed in 1839 as a private home for the Anglican Archdeacon George Okill Stuart. When Upper Canadas first Parliament met nearby, the members stayed at Summerhill. In 1853, Queens College (Queens University) purchased Summerhill. The east wing (now called Benidickson House) served as the principals residence and is now used for formal dinners and ceremonies. Benidickson House is also home to the Chancellor when he is on campus.
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    Steps to Wellness Circuit Training & Walking Club - West Campus - Spring 2015

    Join us once each week for 45 minutes of outdoor activity. The ARC and HR have partnered to bring you certified trainers to lead a lunch-time series on Wednesdays from 12:05 to 12:50 for 12 weeks. Activities will include stretching, circuit training, fitness tips, and walking along a variety of routes around campus and the waterfront. Note: class will be outside on May 6 & 27. The program is being offered for FREE for Queens employees The club runs Wednesdays starting April 15. Meet at the Duncan McArthur Gym.
    Steps to Wellness: Queen's Walking Club - Spring 2015

    Join us once each week for 45 minutes of outdoor activity. The ARC and HR have partnered to bring you certified trainers to lead a lunch-time series on Wednesdays from 12:05 to 12:50 for 12 weeks. Activities will include stretching, fitness tips, and walking along a variety of routes around campus and the waterfront. The program is being offered for FREE for Queens employees. Meet at noon in the courtyard behind Grant Hall on April 15. The club runs until July 8.
    Strategic Thinking (Core) - APAQM

    In this workshop learn about the theory and techniques (conceptualizing, planning) of strategic thinking. This skill can help you maintain the momentum needed to successfully achieve strategic change, link vision and concepts to the desired outcome, and identify and influence decision-makers.
    Take a Minute! The Minute Taker's Workshop (Elective) - APAQ

    This workshop is designed to help all people who are involved in the minute-taking process, either on an occasional or regular basis, become more confident in their recording skills. It provides techniques and examples to enable minute takers to produce concise, accurate minutes in a timely manner for both formal and informal meetings.
    The 'International Experience' at Home - CIP

    The environment at Queen's becomes richer with every student who leaves their home country to join our community, and with every Queen's student who extends their education beyond our borders. This session will help participants understand how Queens is working toward the internationalization of the broader learning environment for domestic students as well as the integration of international students into the campus and community.
    The Essentials of Sexual and Gender Diversity in the Workplace and Beyond - DIW

    This course is an overview of both the legal obligations of employers with regard to LGBTQ employees and the business case for inclusion of sexual and gender diversity. It will examine the impact in the workplace of "coming out" and of "transitioning", look at barriers to inclusion, and offer ideas about how the workplace can become more inclusive.
    The File Cabinet in your Computer (Elective) - APAQ

    Become more efficient with your time through the use of an electronic file management system. Participants will learn how to organize, store, and name files in a consistent way. Topics will include the various types of storage media, finding your way around, creating folders, naming conventions, renaming, searching, moving & deleting, copy vs. paste. Participants will have an opportunity to apply their new skills using a case study.
    The International Student Experience - CIP

    Participants will be introduced to the experiences of international students studying at Queens. They will gain an understanding of the demographic of the international student body and have the opportunity to interact with students directly. Participants will gain insight into aspects of the academic, administrative, and social experiences of the students.
    Yoga for Managing Stress

    This lunchtime class will help you find your own off switch to escape the pressures of the day! Learn how to produce calm and prevent stress while improving your quality of life, and your overall health. You will practice gentle yoga postures and breathing exercises you can bring into your daily life to help you relax anywhere, anytime. Bring your own mat. No Yoga experience needed. Spring classes run Thursdays from April 2 to June 18. NOTE: The 12 week series cost $40. Payment must be received before classes start. Please make payment at HR reception on the first floor of Fleming Hall, Stewart-Pollock Wing. The reception is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 4:30. Payment can be made by debit, MasterCard, or Visa.
    Yoga: Gentle Hatha

    Crave yoga's benefits but short on time? Why not fit in a yoga class on your lunch hour! Gentle yoga class for all levels, ideal to improve flexibility, strength, balance and relaxation. This is an all level class suitable for everyone. Spring session runs Tuesdays March 31 to June 16. NOTE: There is a fee of $40 for the 12 classes. Payment must be made before classes begin. Please make payment at HR reception on the first floor of Fleming Hall, Stewart-Pollock Wing. The reception is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 4:30. Payment can be made by debit, MasterCard, or Visa.

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