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Welcome to your Learning Catalogue! Are you seeking to sharpen your skills, to deepen your knowledge, or to explore new career opportunities? Whatever your training objectives are, we are here to help you reach your personal and professional goals.

You can register for individual workshops and lunch & learn sessions as well as for one or more of our Certificate Programs. Refreshments will be served at all half-day and full-day workshops.

New Employees

Please register for one of our New Staff Orientation sessions. These 3-hour sessions are held once a month from September to June (not offered in December). Get information about Queen's resources and services, HR benefits, and hear guest speakers from various departments across campus.

New Offerings!

  • New Certificate Program: Queen’s Volunteer Engagement Certificate
  • Aboriginal Teachings Lunch & Learn Sessions
  • Pre-Retirement Series designed to encourage Queen’s employees to begin planning earlier in their lives so that they can live the way they want to when they retire
  • New wellness sessions including Barre Pilates and Yoga for Managing Stress
  • Meetings that Matter workshop designed to help leaders run productive and efficient meetings, and achieve real results
  • Working with People on Projects workshop from Lynda Pinnington to help teams successfully navigate shared projects

If you have any questions or would like to discuss an idea for a new workshop send Organizational Development & Learning an email. We value your feedback and continually strive to improve our learning offerings to ensure they are meeting your needs.

Wellness Programs

In addition to our professional development offerings we have an extensive list of wellness and fitness sessions offered in partnership with Queen's Athletics & Recreation. We recognize the importance of work-life balance and strive to provide staff with accessible and inexpensive programs that give you opportunities to have fun and get fit at work.

How to register

Please Note: If you register for a certificate program, you also have to register for and complete the required workshops. The required workshops will be offered between September and June and will be repeated in subsequent years. You do not have to complete your certificate in one year.

C E R T I F I C A T E   P R O G R A M S
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Administrative Professionals @ Queen's Master Certificate -APAQM

This certificate is designed for administrative and support staff aspiring to broaden their career path within Queens. The certificate bridges the APAQ certificate, provides administrative staff who have completed the APAQ with an opportunity to obtain enhanced skills in the areas of strategic thinking, leadership styles, and business communication. It is also appropriate for experienced staff who do not require a foundational level certificate. The goal of the certificate is to provide staff with tools and resources, enabling them to become greater assets to themselves, their department, and the university and community as a whole.

There are 10 workshop in this certificate. You are required to take the 8 core workshops and 2 of the 5 electives.
Administrative Professionals at Queen's -APAQ

Are you a Departmental or Administrative Assistant who would like to enhance your skills? Are you somebody who aspires to those jobs and wants to build the foundation of the essential skills to prepare for future opportunities? This certificate is designed to introduce the fundamental competencies for administrative and support positions at Queen's.

There are 10 workshops in this certificate. You are required to take the 8 core workshops plus 2 of the 5 electives.

If you registered for APAQ before the revisions, you can receive credit for workshops attended before the changes.
Certificate in International Perspectives -CIP

The Certificate in International Perspectives is offered jointly by Queen's Human Resources and Queen's University International Centre (QUIC). All staff are eligible to register in the certificate program and take part in the various sessions. The main objective of the certificate is to give participants a well-rounded and deep understanding of the various international activities that shape the international environment of an institution such as Queen's. Participants will also gain knowledge and skills that will help them achieve success as they work in the increasingly international / intercultural environment of the university. The skills and knowledge attained will promote participants' personal development, and increase their ability to function more effectively on an institutional level.
Certificate in Workplace Communications -CWC

The ability to communicate is critical to everyone in an organization. Effective interaction with co-workers, managers, students and internal and external "customers" is based on sound communication techniques. This certificate program will enable employees to improve their written, verbal, non-verbal and interpersonal communication at work. There are 9 required workshops in this certificate.
From Diversity to Inclusion in the Workplace -DIW

Building an inclusive environment that promotes diversity and inclusion requires active participation of everyone on campus. This certificate program consists of 6 core courses, 2 electives, and 2 online courses that seeks to engage Queen's staff and faculty in conversation, discovery, and learning about diversity and equity and to provide resources, knowledge, and tools required to make Queen's an inclusive campus. Core Courses: 1)Accommodation: Disability, Faith, Gender & More; 2)Building Inclusive & Accessible Workplaces; 3)Employment Equity: Moving Beyond Compliance; 4)Expanding the Circle: Including Aboriginal Cultures in the Workplace; 5)Human Rights, Queen's & You; 6)The Essentials of Sexual & Gender Diversity in the Workplace.
Queen's Volunteer Engagement Certificate -QVEC

Do you work with volunteers, or plan to in the future? Would you like the opportunity to professionalize your credentials with a Queen's certification in volunteer management? If so, consider registering for QVEC, a certificate program designed especially for Queen's faculty and staff who work with volunteers. Presented by Internationally Certified Volunteer Relations staff, QVEC will provide practical tools and techniques to manage volunteers within the higher-education context. Course highlights include: developing position descriptions & setting up a framework for engaging volunteers; Queen's specific recruitment tools and techniques; strategies for effective orientation and on-boarding; developing meaningful recognition programs; and risk management tools, resources and supports. This learning opportunity is presented by Queen's Alumni Relations, in partnership with Human Resources. This certification program consists of 4 in-class modules, and one self-directed session. For more information please copy the following link into your browser: http://queensu.ca/qvec

L E A R N I N G   C A T A L O G U E
Workshop Details     Offered
Advanced Customer Service: Dealing with Difficult Situations (Core) - APAQ

Providing good customer service can be challenging and is an essential skill for everyone that works with the public. This workshop will provide you with strategies and approaches to enhance your existing customer service knowledge. Topics will include communication essentials as they apply to customer service, the importance of knowing your own communication style, the role of emotions, re-framing, and seeing situations from the customers perspective.
Best Practices (Core) - APAQ

A strong internal control environment helps an organization to efficiently and effectively meet its objectives while ensuring compliance to applicable laws, regulations and policies. During this interactive session, participants will learn about roles and responsibilities with regards to maintaining internal controls at Queen's as well as tips for preventing and detecting fraud in the workplace. This session will also highlight some of the recent policy and process changes at the university and discuss how these impact internal controls.
Delivering Business Presentations with Style & Confidence(Core)(3 Part Workshop) - APAQM

Discover techniques and strategies for designing & delivering presentations and the use of instructional techniques. Participants will practice skills through a working session and mock presentations. Develop an action plan based on video tape and peer feedback. NOTE: this is a 3 part session. Part I is the workshop; Part II consists of a working session; Part III is the presentation session. The first offering will be held on Oct 13, 2015. Part II will be on Oct 21, 2015. Part III is scheduled for Oct 28, 2015. Spring Session: Part 1: May 3, 2016; Part II: May 10, 2016; Part III: May 17, 2016.
E-Mails @ Work (Core) - APAQ - CWC

E-Mail messages are rapidly becoming a dominant form of written communication, yet few people have ever received formal training in this medium. You will learn how to master e-mail conventions such as jargon and etiquette, project a professional image, simplify your e-mail by choosing the right words and cutting 'fat', build better e-mail messages sentence by sentence, write persuasive e-mails that encourage people to act quickly, and structure your e-mail messages for impact. Departmental Fee: $50
Expanding the Circle: Including Aboriginal Cultures in the Workplace - DIW

This workshop will provide you with the information and strategies you need to build effective and positive relationships in the workplace. The workshop's focus is to create understanding, awareness, and knowledge of Aboriginal peoples that will allow you to enhance the relationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people within our community. It will highlight the benefits of workplace diversity and inclusion of Aboriginal-centric approaches in the workplace. The workshop will include information such as: terminology, stereotypes, populations, statistics, history and rights, cultural approaches, and social and workplace realities.
HR Summit Breakout Session - Bridging the Generation Gap

  not offered this term
HR Summit Breakout Session - Employee Recognition 101

  not offered this term
HR Summit Breakout Session - Promoting a Respectful Workplace

  not offered this term
HR Summit Breakout Session - Resilient Thinking

  not offered this term
Interviews: Mastering the Technique

Do you know how to prepare for an interview? Do you want to feel more in control during interviews? The ability to shine in an interview requires many skills that need to be learned as well as practiced to become proficient. As an essential component of the recruitment process, mastering the interview can increase your chances of getting that dream job! In this workshop we will cover the following topics; how to prepare for an interview, the different ways interviews can be structured, how to answer those difficult questions, and what an employer can and can’t ask you. We will also give you an opportunity to practice interview questions in a supportive environment.
Lunch & Learn: Ask a Dietitian

Are you getting all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals each day? Calcium for women, what are the facts? Eating for two, baby and you? Vegetarian, diet can it be balanced? Bring your questions and ask a registered dietician! You will also be provided with great cookbook ideas and information you can take with you!
Meetings That Matter

This workshop is for those who want to develop the organizational and communication skills needed to ensure more productive meetings. You will learn the phases to conducting meetings, the various roles and responsibilities during each phase, and techniques for handling non-productive behaviours in meetings.
MS Excel 2013 - Intermediate

In this course students will learn how to enter formulas and common functions efficiently, add comments to cells, position cell content accurately, apply conditional formatting, and create charts and sparklines which are like a tiny chart in a cell. They will also learn how to manage workbooks by inserting, renaming, moving and deleting them as well as consolidate data between them. Students will also learn how to insert headers/footers, and print multi paged documents. Lastly they will learn how to sort and filter data using tables and protect their work. Departmental Fee: $50
New Staff Orientation

The Human Resources Department wishes to invite all newly hired employees (General staff, CUPE Local 229, CUPE Local 254, CUPE Local 1302, ONA, OPSEU, Research Grants and Contract and Post Doctoral Fellows) to an orientation session. Please join us for an informative discussion that includes presentations from various University departments and services as well as essential human resources information.
Performance Management: Manager's Session

Performance Management is a series of activities that enable ongoing dialogue between a manager and employee which aligns expectations, identifies significant performance data, provides ongoing feedback, plans development activities, assesses employee performance and provides a platform for coaching conversations. The workshop objectives include understanding the Performance Management Cycle, how to plan and hold a performance review meeting, delivering reinforcing and corrective feedback, setting objectives and goals, and creating a development plan.
Personality Dimensions®

Personality Dimensions® - a new and exciting way of understanding ourselves and others. Personality Dimensions is a temperament instrument that was developed in Canada and is backed by empirically sound research. The workshop is highly interactive and fun! As a participant in this workshop, you will gain a deeper understanding of challenges and conflicts in your life, as well as an appreciation of the different preferences of other personality types. This deeper understanding will help you to value yourself and others, to gain new respect for differences, and to seek practical ways for improving interpersonal relations. Personality Dimensions® is a registered trademark of Career/Life Skills Resources Inc. used under license by Shannon Hill. Assessment Fee: $10
  not offered this term
Purchasing in the Public Sector (Elective) - APAQ

Learn the new rules for purchasing in the Ontario public sector. Did you know the Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive became effective on 1st April 2011? The Directive sets the legal rules for purchasing activities within the University, sets thresholds for tendering and has 25 mandatory requirements. Compliance is a necessity so knowledge of the new rules is essential. This session will be facilitated by Strategic Procurement Services and will provide you with the knowledge required to perform your regular purchasing tasks.
Report Writing Fundamentals - CWC

This workshop will cover the six steps for effective report writing, brainstorming techniques to speed up the writing process and tips for organizing your report. Fee: $50
The International Student Experience - CIP

Participants will be introduced to the experiences of international students studying at Queens. They will gain an understanding of the demographic of the international student body and have the opportunity to interact with students directly. Participants will gain insight into aspects of the academic, administrative, and social experiences of the students.