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Please note: This calculator is not applicable to employees in their first year of employment at the University. If you are in your first year of employment, please contact your Human Resources Advisor.

Vacation Calculator
The vacation earning period is: July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017.

1) Please enter your continuous service date (CSD).To determine your continuous service date, please discuss with your supervisor for confirmation or contact hradmin@queensu.ca.

(e.g. 26-Jun-2017)
2) Please enter your regular work day hours. The default displayed assumes 7 hours for a 35 hour work week.
hours per day
3) Please state the percentage of full time that you either will work or actually did work during the vacation earning period given above. Enter the number of months worked and the percentage of full time worked during that period. The default displayed assumes 12 months at 100 percent of full time.
Months % FTE  
Months % FTE
Months % FTE
Months % FTE

Please note that vacation calculations are performed in two steps. The first step is the calculation of your earnable vacation for the current vacation year. The second step is determining the vacation days you will actually accrue based on the percentage of full time employment worked during the earning period. For more details please see the HR annual vacation policy web page.

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