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Changes to Vacation Policy & Procedure

Changes to the Vacation Policy and Procedure came into effect on January 1, 2018. The changes simplify the administration of the vacation procedure and increase transparency from a systems standpoint. Additional changes were made to the Procedure to reflect changes to the Employment Standards Act that came into effect on January 1, 2018.

Major changes are as follows:

  • Change the “increment date” in Appendix A from July 1st to January 1st

    Under the previous procedure, employees received the scheduled increase in their vacation entitlement (an increase in # of days of vacation per year) on July 1st. This was confusing to managers and employees because it did not align with the calendar year, and resulted in employees earning 0.5 of the incremental day in one calendar year (July 1st – December 31st), and the other 0.5 in the following calendar year (January 1st – June 30th). Adjusting the increment date to January 1st makes the procedure easier to understand and simplifies the system administration in the Human Resources’ PeopleSoft System (HRPS).

  • Change the vacation entitlement calculation in the first year of employment to a pro-rated calculation based on an initial vacation entitlement of 15 days.

    The previous vacation policy granted entitlements to employees in their first year based on a calculation of one day per month of service to a maximum of 10 days. After their initial year, these employees were moved into the “regular vacation plan” of 15 days. The elimination of the first-year vacation plans and placement of all new hires into the “regular vacation plan” improves data integrity in the HRPS.

  • Changes to reflect amendments to the Employment Standards Act

    Effective January 1, 2018, the Employment Standards Act provides that an employee with five or more years of continuous service be entitled to 15 days of vacation, or the pro-rated equivalent. This is an increase for those employees from the previous minimum guarantee of 10 days. The procedure has been updated to reflect this change.

    Affected bargaining agents have signed an MOA reflecting the changes outlined above.

    Employees previously in a first year plan (10 days for less than 1 year of service) will be moved into the regular vacation plan effective January 1, 2018. This is a manual process in HRPS, but only affects a small number of employees.