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Whether you are an employee or manager with questions about policies, services, benefits, or career development, the trained professionals in Queen's Human Resources department are here to help. The Client Service Team is your first point of contact for HR issues.  The team works closely with the specialty units in HR, calling on their expertise as required.  

Please contact your HR Advisor for your area as listed below for questions regarding: 

  • employee pay;
  • employee hires, rehires, leaves, transfers and terminations;
  • staff and faculty benefits administration including childcare and tuition support;
  • the recruitment process for staff positions;
  • Queen’s University policies, procedures and staff collective agreements.

To use phone extensions when calling from outside Queen's, dial 613-533-6000.

For all general inquiries contact HR Administration, , extension 32070

For all Employee/Labour Relations General Inquiries contact Tara Broere, extension 78018. For Employee/Labour relations assistance with a Return to Work issue contact Grey McGarry-Ainslie  extension 78621. For Employee/Labour relations assistance with a  Complaint/Investigation  issue Please contact Tara Broere , E/LR Coordinator.  For Employee/Labour relations assistance with a  Academic Assistants  issue contact Lisa Colby  extension 74176 .

For assistance regarding Grade 10-14 staff positions or Executive Appointments, contact Margaret Goslin, extension 74183. All other inquiries should be directed to the HR Advisor listed below.

Type Contact Information
Client Services Team by Faculty/Portfolio
  • Associate Vice-Principal/Dean of Student Affairs:  Carolyn Lawrence  (ext 78601)
  • Faculty of Arts and Science:  Ashley Downing  (ext 75437)
  • Faculty of Education:  Carolyn Lawrence  (ext 78601)
  • Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science:  Ashley Downing  (ext 75437)
  • Faculty of Law:  Carolyn Lawrence  (ext 78601)
  • Office of the Principal:  Margaret Goslin  (ext 74183)
  • Office of the Provost and Vice Principal (Academic): Margaret Goslin  ( ext 74183)    
  • School of Business:  Carolyn Lawrence  (ext 78601)  
  • School of Graduate Studies:  Allison Bailey  ( ext 78345)
  • Faculty of Health Sciences:  Miranda Gavidia (ext 75462)
    • Clinical Education 
    • Office of the Dean 
    • Service Units 
    • School of Medicine – Basic Sciences 
    • School of Medicine – Clinical (Medicine)
    • Research Centres (Centre Neuroscience Studies, Protein Function, Centre Health Service & Policy Research, Cancer Biology & Genetics, Centre Studies in Primary Care, Cancer Centre Research, Centre Applied Urological Research)
  • Faculty of Health Sciences:  Kate Spoljaric (ext 77639)
    • Research Centres (NCIC)
    • School of Medicine – Clinical (Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine, Diagnostic Radiology, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Critical Care Medicine Program, Oncology, Pathology & Molecular Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Physical Medicine & Rehab, Surgery, Urology)
    • School of Nursing
    • School of Rehab Therapy
  • Vice-Principal (Advancement):  Kate Spoljaric  (ext 77639)
  • Vice-Principal (Finance and Administration):  Allison Bailey  ( ext 78345)  
  • Vice-Principal (Research):   Allison Bailey  ( ext 78345)  

Client Services 

Team Managers

Employee/Labour Relations by Faculty/Portfolio

  • Associate Vice-Principal/Dean of Student Affairs:  Please contact Tara Broere, E/LR Coordinator 
  • Faculty of Arts and Science:  Heather Shields (ext 75438)
  • Faculty of Education:  Please contact Tara Broere, E/LR Coordinator 
  • Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science: Lisa Colby  (ext 74176)
  • Faculty of Law:  Lisa Colby  (ext 74176)
  • Office of the Principal:  Lisa Newton  (ext 75108) 
  • Office of the Provost and Vice Principal (Academic): Lisa Newton    (ext 75108)       
  • School of Business:  Heather Shields  (ext 75438)
  • School of Graduate Studies:  Please contact Tara Broere, E/LR Coordinator 
  • Faculty of Health Sciences:  Grey McGarry-Ainslie (ext 78621)
  • Vice-Principal (Advancement):  Lisa Colby (ext 74176)
  • Vice-Principal (Finance and Administration):  Grey McGarry-Ainslie  (ext 78621)
  • Vice-Principal (Finance and Administration)  Heather Shields (ext 75438)
    • Central Heating Plant
  • Vice-Principal (Research):  Heather Shields  (ext 75438)


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