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Tools to Plan Your Retirement

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Your Pension

The Queen?s Pension Plan (QPP) is designed to ensure you have income security when you reach your normal retirement date. When combined with personal savings, RRSPs, and government retirement plans, the QPP provides long-service employees with a level of retirement income which is comparable to or better than the average retirement income provided by other Canadian universities. Both you and the University share in the cost of providing your pension.

Health Benefits After Retirement

The group benefits in place at retirement (with the exception of the dental plan) are the only benefits that may remain in force throughout retirement. 

Dental Plan coverage ends upon retirement.

Upon retirement, all Supplementary Medical Plan claims will be subject to 80% reimbursement after the $25 calendar year deductible has been satisfied.

Note: If you decide to cancel any of these benefits, it is not possible to re-enroll after retirement. This is a contractual restriction stipulated by our insurance carrier.

Life Insurance

Upon retirement, life insurance coverage will automatically be reduced according to your age based on the schedule set out in the group benefits contract to a minimum of 10% of final salary as at age 70.

Working Past Normal Retirement Date (NRD)

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