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T4/T4A Tax Slips for Current Employees Only

You can view and print the T4/T4A slip of the current tax year and any previous year (from 2015 forward), if you consented to receive your T4/T4A slips through MyHR. 

Note that the T4/T4A Slips and Consent tile will not appear on the Employee Self-Service homepage if you indicated that you do not wish to access your pay advice slip online via MyHR.

Give or Withdraw T4/T4A Consent

All Employees that receive a Queen’s T4/T4A slip have the option to withdraw an electronic version through MyHR.  

To consent to receive electronic T4/T4A slips, go to the “T4/T4A Consent” page, and click the checkbox to indicate your consent then click Submit. Your status will change to “Consent Received”. If your current status is already in “Consent Received” then no further action is needed to receive electronic T4/T4A slip. 

If you wish to receive paper T4/T4A, you can withdraw your consent T4/T4A on the same page. Simply check the checkbox to withdraw consent and then click Submit. By doing so, the status should update to “Consent Withdrawn”. Your T4/T4A slips will not be available online and will be mailed to your home address.  

View and Print T4/T4A Forms

You can view the T4/T4A slip of the current tax year on the main “View T4/T4A Slips” page. Simply click on the “Year End Slip” hyperlink to view your slips. A new window will open displaying the tax slip in PDF format. This is the official form accepted by the Canada Revenue Agency that can be printed for filing of employee’s taxes each year. 

To view T4/T4A slips from previous tax year, click on “View a Different Tax Year” hyperlink and select the year you wish. Similarly, a PDF version of the tax slip will be displayed in a new window once you click on the “Year End Slip” link. 

The “Filing Instructions” link will open a new window containing instructions from the Canada Revenue Agency on how to use the tax slip.