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Queen's University

Child Care Guide

Sections of the Guide


The Introduction provides general information about how to use the guide, information about the different types of child care, and advice on how to pick the type of child care that best suits your child.


Financial Resources

There are numerous benefits targeted toward child care expenses. The Financial Resources section describes the application process and eligibility for those benefits which may apply to Queen's students, faculty, and staff.


Child Care Providers

The Child Care Providers section of the web site is a comprehensive listing of child care centres in the Kingston area. They can be browsed both alphabetically by name or geographically by region.



The Resources section is a catalog of child-oriented services available in the Kingston area. An alphabetized phone directory and a list of recommended books and web sites are also included.

Child Care Guide

This child care guide is a joint initiative of the Queen's Human Resources Department and the Dean of Student Affairs Office. We would like to thank the various organizations that contributed materials for inclusion in the guide. The main piece of artwork for the guide was provided courtesy of Zachary, age 5, of Frontenac Club Day Care. Additional artwork was provided courtesy of Sarah, age 4, of the Queen's Day Care Centre.

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